Car Accidents: Can Minor Impacts Cause Serious Physical Injuries?


You may have been stopped at a red light during your commute home from work. As you wait for the light to change, another driver rear-ends your car. Although your bumper is barely scratched and the airbags failed to deploy, your neck feels sore. Several days later, you start feeling a throbbing pain running down your entire body. Unfortunately, all too often, severe injuries result from fender benders and other minor accidents.

The Body Is Highly Susceptible to Injury

Although Insurance Companies often try to argue that low-impact collisions cannot cause serious physical injuries, the spine consists of several highly delicate sections. During even low-impact collisions, the victim’s body may be subjected to violent forces, such as rotation, acceleration, and deceleration. Whiplash is known to happen at speeds as slow as five mph and is capable of causing chronic issues, such as arthritis and headaches. An abrupt jolt from an unexpected brunt or stop can overextend the ligaments, tendons, and muscles that form the cervical vertebrae. Furthermore, herniated discs are known to cause acute pain and may require surgery.

Victims with musculoskeletal damage may not even start to exhibit symptoms until weeks or even months later. Neck tissues can be particularly vulnerable to minor accidents causing misalignment of the spine. Subsequent swelling from strains and tears may result in excessive pressure on the victim’s nerves. The lower body is also highly susceptible to suffering serious injuries in the event of an accident. Knees are held together by an intricate system of ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage, and bone. Any twisting motion can easily cause a meniscus tear or throw the knees out of alignment.

Important Steps to Follow in the Wake of an Accident

After a collision, you may not be capable of feeling any pain because of all the adrenaline pumping through your body. Shock also helps delay reactions to trauma. Even if the crash seemed relatively mild, it is crucial to follow the below suggestions to strengthen your personal injury lawsuit:

  1. Call the police and ask them to file an accident report;
  2. Seek medical care as soon as possible;
  3. Confer with your doctor on whether a radiograph is necessary;
  4. Closely monitor your physical well-being for any signs of injury;
  5. Educate yourself on common symptoms of delayed injury;
  6. Take pictures of any visible physical injuries, such as cuts, contusions, or bruises;
  7. Keep a journal to document your pain; and
  8. Call Jed Dietrich, Esq.

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