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Rochester Bicycle Dooring Accidents Although bicycling is a fun and healthy way to get around, it can also be extremely dangerous. Cyclists must not only be cautious of vehicles, pedestrians, and other riders, but they need to watch out for drivers exiting their cars as well. Otherwise, a bicyclist may get “doored.” A dooring accident happens when someone unexpectedly opens a car door, and a cyclist smashes into it. Although these types of accidents seldomly involve moving vehicles, cyclists can still suffer catastrophic injuries or worse. Smashing into a car door can violently throw a victim off of his or her bike into the pavement, nearby objects, or even oncoming traffic. While getting doored typically occurs when riding past parked cars, some cyclists get stuck by opening doors at red lights.

Doorings have become far too common in Monroe County and throughout New York State. Studies have revealed that dooring crashes are responsible for approximately 20 percent of all reported bike accidents. Unfortunately, these mishaps can result in serious wounds to bicyclists, such as broken collarbones, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), internal damage, and shocking disfigurements. After being doored, an e-bike rider even suffered fatal head trauma. When dooring victims are fortunate enough to survive, they are often left to confront costly hospital bills, extensive rehabilitation, and harrowing emotional trauma long after. Our leading Rochester, New York, bike accident attorneys at the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. are well equipped to leverage our decades of legal practice to obtain maximum compensation for your claim.

According to Article 33 of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL), no one should open a car door on the side closest to moving traffic unless it is reasonably safe to do so and can be accomplished without interfering with traffic. Thus, both drivers and passengers are required by law to check the road for oncoming cyclists before opening their doors. If a driver violates the above article and carelessly injures a cyclist, he or she could be considered negligent per se. With over 23 years of experience providing hard-hitting legal representation for injured bicyclists, Jed Dietrich, Esq. is here to offer his dedicated support.

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s highly-qualified bicycle attorneys are well-versed in the laws and tactics used to successfully litigate dooring cases. Jed Dietrich, Esq., documented as a Best Lawyer of America, has ardently fought to demand over $175 million in judgments and settlements for injured victims in Rochester, New York, throughout New York State, and beyond. Our top-rated lawyers provide free and confidential consultations. We would appreciate the opportunity to analyze your case. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s seasoned team is available around the clock by calling (585) 939-3939 or by completing the online consultation form.

Steps To Take After Your Bicycle Dooring Accident

If you were the victim of a dooring accident, it is extremely important to safeguard your legal rights. You can do this by taking the following actions:

  1. Get Medical Assistance: Even if you think that your injuries are not that bad, you cannot go wrong by being extra careful. You should never assume that your wounds are minor, as certain injuries do not always show immediate symptoms. Additionally, your adrenaline may be pumping, which can numb the pain. It is also important to document your injuries with a doctor. Otherwise, insurance adjusters may argue that the accident did not cause your harm.
  2. Call 911: After the police arrive, request an accident report. Accident reports are crucial for establishing the time and date of the dooring, as well as the defendant.
  3. Request the Motorist’s Details: Write down the driver’s name, contact information, and insurance policy number. Obtain identifying information regarding the vehicle as well, such as the make, model, and license plate number.
  4. Obtain Witness Information: If any bystanders witnessed your accident, request their names and contact details. Witnesses’ memories often fade quickly, so it is imperative to get their statements promptly.
  5. Take lots of Pictures: Document everything you can, even things that you might think are irrelevant. Use a phone to take pictures and videos of your bicycle, the accident scene, the vehicle, and most importantly, your injuries.
  6. Contact a Bicycle Accident Lawyer: You should get in touch with Monroe County’s finest bicycle dooring injury attorney as soon as possible. A highly experienced attorney can start investigating your potential claim.



Safety Tips to Avoid Dooring Injuries

Rochester Bicycle Dooring Accidents There are no specifically designated bike lanes in many places throughout Rochester, New York. Consequently, bicyclists are often forced to ride as far to the right as possible to avoid traffic. Even in neighborhoods where bike lanes are present, they are usually positioned on the right side, which can still leave cyclists extremely vulnerable to opening car doors. If you notice a driver stepping out of their vehicle in time to stop or swerve, you might be fortunate enough to avoid injury. While there is no foolproof strategy to prevent every dooring accident, you can significantly minimize the risks by:

  1. Always Looking Ahead: Look through windows and pay attention to people sitting inside parked cars. You can also look at the side view mirrors for drivers’ reflections and spot clues that they are about to exit.
  2. Staying Cautious Even in Bike Lanes: It is not uncommon for designated bike lanes to become obstructed by vehicles or lack sufficient space from parked cars. Be especially vigilant when approaching taxis and vehicles with Uber or Lyft decals.
  3. Leaving Enough Space: Whenever possible, make extra room to ride away from upcoming parked cars. Just remember to be careful of traffic approaching from the left if you are in a right-side bike lane.
  4. Never Speeding Through: Try to ride at a speed that you can decrease quickly in case of an emergency. To stop, employ the rear brake first, keep your weight back, and add the front brake as required. This will help prevent skidding or flying over the handlebars. Moreover, trying to beat an opening door could have devastating consequences. If going too fast to stop on time, biking experts generally advise swerving out of the way.
  5. Planning Ahead: Always expect that someone in your path may open a door and have an escape route in mind. Ride defensively and take proper precautions every time you are around cars. This includes maintaining a firm grip on the handlebars and keeping your hands close to the brakes.

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s elite attorneys have a long history of obtaining justice for injured victims. Our battle-tested team has assisted thousands of clients and their loved ones recover after life-altering accidents. We promise to fervently litigate your case to get the monetary compensation that you deserve, which may include damages for all present and future medical bills, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, lost wages because of missing work, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment, and all other unforeseen harms. Jed Dietrich, Esq. is devoted to securing the best possible results for injured bicyclists in Rochester, New York, Monroe County, and beyond. Contact our leading team of lawyers today at (585) 939-3939 so that we can review the facts surrounding your dooring accident and help you better understand your legal rights.

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