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North Tonawanda North Tonawanda, New York, is a unique part of Western New York. It is well known for the Gateway Harbor, the Botanical Gardens, the Carnegie Art Center, and the Herschel Carrousel Museum. The Herschel Carrousel Museum attracts visitors from all over, with several antique merry-go-round exhibits and rides to explore. Unfortunately, North Tonawanda’s many attractions contribute to heavy traffic which increases the likelihood of car accidents.

You want the most experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your case if you, or a loved one, were injured by a negligent driver in North Tonawanda, New York. Jed Dietrich, Esq. and his team of aggressive, tenacious, and hardworking attorneys in North Tonawanda, New York, will fight for you! We are dedicated to obtaining the best possible results for those suffering personal injuries in North Tonawanda, New York, and throughout New York State.

Individuals that have suffered personal injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident may be eligible for monetary compensation for their pain and suffering. At the Dietrich Law Firm P.C., we know you deserve fair compensation for your hospital bills, diminished earning capacity, and other expenses. Former clients of the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. continue to say that Jed Dietrich, Esq. is the best personal injury lawyer for car accidents in Western New York. Click here to review our extensive list of client testimonials.

Contributing Factors To Accidents On Niagara Falls Boulevard

Many car collisions occur on Niagara Falls Boulevard in North Tonawanda, New York. Some factors that contribute to the frequency of motor vehicle accidents that occur on Niagara Falls Boulevard include:

  1. Heavy Traffic: Daily rush hour traffic, during the morning and late afternoon, creates congested lanes. As you can imagine, every additional vehicle on the road increases the likelihood of car accidents. According to USA Today, Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to drive, likely because of the increased number of drivers on the road. Niagara Falls Boulevard, in North Tonawanda, New York, demonstrates the risk of busy Saturday driving as shoppers rush to and from the vast number of stores nearby.
  2. Changing Weather Conditions: North Tonawanda, New York experiences heavy snow, ice, and freezing rain, during the winter months. North Tonawanda experiences, on average, 78 inches of snow per year. Also, inexperienced drivers may be more susceptible to car, SUV, and truck collisions during the winter months.
  3. Speed Limit: The speed limit on Niagara Falls Boulevard is 45 miles per hour. Many locals assert that this number is too high to be safe. A study that was recently conducted revealed that 20% of drivers on the road exceed the speed limit. The higher the speed limit, the more likely it is for motor vehicle collisions to occur.
  4. Stop Sign Placement: The stop signs and traffic lights along Niagara Falls Boulevard lack appropriate safety measures to ensure pedestrians’ wellbeing. The crosswalks are either missing or faded, equipped with confusing signage, or other preventable safety hazards.
Medical Facilities Near North Tonawanda, New York

North Tonawanda, New York motor vehicle collisions can result in serious personal injuries. When you, or a loved one, are injured in a North Tonawanda, New York motor vehicle accident, you may need immediate medical care. The medical facilities that provide care for injured people in North Tonawanda, New York, include:

  1. DeGraff Memorial Hospital: This hospital is located on Tremont Street in North Tonawanda, New York. Established in 1914, DeGraff Memorial Hospital provides emergency medical assistance and care to those injured in Erie County and Niagara County. DeGraff Memorial Hospital is well known for its state of the art Emergency Department and dedication to excellent care.
  2. MASH Urgent Care Tonawanda: MASH Urgent Care Tonawanda is open 7 days a week. This facility is located on Sheridan Drive. MASH Urgent Care Tonawanda can be easily accessed by Delaware Road and Sheridan Drive.
  3. MASH Urgent Care North Tonawanda/Wheatfield: This MASH Urgent Care, located on Niagara Falls Boulevard, is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Urgent Care facilities may be able to treat patients more quickly than other health care locations.
  4. MASH Urgent Care West Amherst/Tonawanda: MASH Urgent Care West Amherst/Tonawanda is also located on Niagara Falls Boulevard for your convenience.
  5. Twin City Ambulance: Twin City Ambulance is located on Fillmore Avenue in Tonawanda, New York. More than 250 emergency medical service professionals work for Twin City Ambulance, throughout Western New York. All ambulances have medical equipment, such as cardiac monitors, defibrillators, oxygen therapy, and medications to treat injured patients.



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