Buffalo, New York, Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Inadequate Brakes

Motorcycle Accidents Due To Inadequate Brakes

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Motorcycle Accidents Due To Inadequate BrakesA combination of rising gas prices and increased traffic has caused many people to buy motorcycles. Unfortunately, the number of bike crashes has increased along with the vehicle’s popularity. Motorcycle accidents can happen for various reasons and, sometimes, inadequate brakes play a significant role. Brakes are one of the most important components of a motorcycle. A rider’s life depends on the brakes when he or she needs to stop or slow down. Just imagine how you would feel speeding down the highway with substandard or worn brakes. Riders with insufficient brakes can easily lose control, especially if the rear wheel brakes lock up. Needless to say, bikes provide very little protection, leaving bikers extremely vulnerable to suffering devastating injuries or worse, especially when cars or trucks are involved.

Similar to other vehicles, the brakes on motorcycles are susceptible to flaws while being designed and manufactured. The condition of your brakes can also be affected by long riding durations, braking habits, influences of interconnected components, and even the temperature. The properties, characteristics, and behavior of the brakes changes with use and over time. Thus, checking the state of your motorcycle’s brakes before every ride can help prevent some unnecessary accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in a single recent year alone, more than 5,170 riders were killed in accidents. Bikers are approximately 28 times more susceptible to suffering lethal crashes, accounting for 14% of all vehicle-related fatalities. Even when bikers are fortunate enough to survive, they often suffer life-altering injuries, such as broken bones, total paralysis, internal organ damage, traumatic brain injuries, and quadriplegia.

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Common Problems With Motorcycle Brakes

Common Problems With Motorcycle BrakesMost issues related to insufficient brakes are caused by defective components or lack of proper maintenance. Routine inspections and servicing are extremely important to keep the brakes on a bike working properly. Additionally, required repairs should never be ignored. Some common issues that lead to motorcycle brake failure include:

  1. Misalignment of the Master Cylinder: The master cylinder is one of the most important components in the braking system. If the master cylinder’s oil seal gets ripped because of erroneous alignment, it can result in brake fluid leakage and low brake oil pressure. Misalignment can also lead to improper braking pressure and even trigger total brake failure.
  2. Improper Bleeding: During the initial installation of the brakes, bleeding must be conducted to eliminate the air particles in the internal system. If all of the air is not removed, the particles can get compressed and block air from passing.
  3. Insufficient Brake Fluid Levels: When a motorcycle does not have enough brake fluid, it can cause a complete brake failure. As the tank becomes empty, air can be sucked into the system. Before riding, it is crucial to ensure the brake fluid container is full.
  4. Leaking Brake Fluid: Brake fluid leakage results in deficient levels of brake fluid. You should consider getting the leak repaired before riding the bike again.
  5. Overheating and Binding: Overheating and binding can be caused by various issues, such as defective springs, excessive brake fluid levels, jammed brake shoes, seizure of the piston in the caliper, and continuous use.



Establishing Ineffective Brakes Lead To Your Bike Crash

Every part of a motorcycle must be operating satisfactorily to prevent unnecessary accidents and keep motorcyclists unharmed. Insufficient brakes, improper installation, and poor maintenance can make it troublesome for riders to stop or even slow down. Bad brakes pose an obvious danger to riders, other motorists, and everyone else on the road. Regretfully, most bikers do not realize their brakes are not working properly until it is too late. According to New York law, motorcycles must be reasonably safe for their intended use and should not pose excessive safety risks. Depending on the circumstances that caused your brakes to be ineffective, the designer, manufacturer, or dealer of the brakes and bike can be held liable for their defective components. Additionally, if the condition was caused by improper maintenance, installation, or repair, the mechanic may be held responsible. To successfully prove a product liability claim, you must show that the bike or the brakes were defective and generated an unreasonable risk while riding or braking. Product liability cases, especially ones involving motorcycles, can be extraordinarily technical and often necessitate investigations, expert witnesses, systematic research, and detailed analysis.

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