What Are Special Damages? 

Special-Damages-300x200Being the victim of an accident resulting from another’s negligence or recklessness can have earth-shattering ramifications. Victims who sustain serious injuries forfeit small fortunes in lost incomes, medical bills, and rehabilitation costs. Not to mention, many suffer from severe physical, psychological, and emotional complications. Obtaining reasonable compensation for your injuries is often the best way to start recovering. After suffering severe accident-related injuries, victims frequently pursue personal injury lawsuits to recoup their losses. One of the main types of compensation that courts award to plaintiffs is called special or economic damages.

Economic Damages Are Easily Verifiable   

Special damages are generally straightforward and easier to authenticate than general damages, like pain and suffering. These damages can be determined without much difficulty because they are based on the victim’s tangible costs. Special damages are designed to help victims return to the same positions that they were in before their accidents. Put simply, the rationale behind special damages is to restore everything that a victim has lost. 

What Do Special Damages Cover?

In New York personal injury lawsuits, economic damages involve damages that are easily calculated based on the actual dollar losses a victim sustained from the accident. The direct costs to the plaintiff must confirm the total awarded. Typically, the more detailed evidence that is presented regarding the damages, the higher the victim’s potential award. Without supporting evidence, such as hospital bills, receipts, and salary statements, plaintiffs may find it more challenging to obtain adequate compensation. Victims may be able to recover the following special damages: 

  1. Lost wages and other work-related benefits;
  2. Reduced future earning potential;
  3. Hospital bills and additional medical costs; 
  4. Rehabilitation and physical therapy charges;
  5. Money spent on over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications;
  6. Fees related to necessary mobility devices and other medical apparatuses;
  7. Money spent on domestic assistance, like maids or daycare;
  8. Expenses related to repairing or replacing damaged property; 
  9. Increased living expenses, such as home modifications; and
  10. Other related out-of-pocket costs, like transportation to and from doctor’s appointments.

An Elite Personal Injury Attorney Can Support Your Claim And Maximize Your Compensation

No victim should ever be forced to cope with the dire consequences of an accident alone. Suppose someone else’s carelessness injured you or a family member. In that case, you need the finest personal injury lawyer in Western New York. Jed Dietrich, Esq., distinguished as an American Institute of Trial Lawyers Litigator of the Year, and his top rated team promise to fight for you every step of the way. We will systematically investigate your accident and gather all essential evidence to build the strongest case. Our primary objective is to obtain the highest possible compensation for all of your damages. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s battle-tested lawyers are available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week by calling 716-839-3939 or by completing our online consultation form.




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