Physical Therapy After A Car Accident

Physical-Therapist-300x200According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), roughly 6 million car crashes happen throughout the United States every year. Car accident victims often wonder whether or not physical therapy is necessary. Depending on the nature of your injuries, doctors may recommend some rehabilitation. People usually do not realize the gravity of their accident-related injuries until after resuming their everyday daily routines. Physical therapy has helped countless accident victims bounce back from their injuries much faster than those who have chosen to stay in bed.  

Reasons For Visiting A Physical Therapist 

If you are contemplating starting physical therapy after a car accident, there are several reasons to proceed with the treatment. The top 5 reasons you should attend physical therapy include:

  1. Physical Therapy Supports the Recovery Process: Participating in physiotherapy after a car crash can rapidly accelerate your recovery time. A physical therapist will design a particular regiment that can help improve your range of motion, strengthen muscles, and keep painful symptoms at bay. 
  2. Rehabilitation Prevents Long-Term Damage: Unfortunately, car accidents often lead to lingering damage when a patient’s injuries are not dealt with promptly. After suffering an injury, beginning therapy immediately can drastically improve your chances of living pain-free.
  3. Physical Activity Alleviates Pain: Movement helps pump blood and other nutrients into the injured area, supporting recovery. Physical therapists choose targeted exercises to increase functioning and achieve balanced recoveries.   
  4. Physiotherapy Helps Avoid Surgery: Although severe injuries will likely require immediate surgery, even minor injuries can necessitate surgical treatments later in life. Remedial exercise strengthens vulnerable tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Not to mention, physical therapy does not require downtime and is a more economical solution.   
  5. Treatment Boosts Mental Health: Attending physical therapy can help improve your mood. Feeling better physically can also benefit you emotionally, and building natural strength can reduce or even eliminate your reliance on painkillers during recovery.

Most importantly, accident victims are required to take all reasonable measures to minimize their injuries and prevent further damages. If you skip physical therapy, the defendant’s insurance company could claim that you failed to address your injuries adequately. Under the rule of mitigation of damages, a victim can be denied part of their compensation if the court finds that skipping physical therapy resulted in damages that could have been avoided.

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