Buffalo Car Accident Attorneys And Automobile Defects

Automobile-Defect-Blog-scaledAccording to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), in a recent year alone, there were over 1,040 motor vehicle crash-related deaths throughout New York State. Although defective vehicles and components commonly contribute to or significantly worsen many car accidents, most victims never even realize it. Collisions involving automobile defects are typically caused by dangerous vehicle designs, substandard components, and other manufacturing errors. All car designers and manufacturers have a legal duty to ensure their vehicles’ safety before marketing them to the public. This duty requires car makers to carefully inspect their vehicles for defects that could unnecessarily harm consumers. Unfortunately, some of the most prominent car companies fail to examine their vehicles adequately. Many manufacturers have even known about critical deficiencies but tried to conceal them from the public. 

Most Common Types Of Car Defects

For an automobile to function correctly, thousands of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical components must operate together. When even the most minor part malfunctions, the outcome can be catastrophic. For example, if faulty brake pads fail as a truck nears a red light, the truck could T-Bone another vehicle. Some frequently occurring instances of automobile defects include: 

  1. Tire or tread separation defects;
  2. Substandard brakes or brake lights;
  3. Sticky foot pedals;
  4. Seat or seat belts failing to lock;
  5. Airbags that deploy without cause or fail to deploy in accidents;
  6. Technical hitches with automatic transmissions that cause acceleration surges;
  7. Faulty wiring systems;
  8. Dangerous fuel system designs; 
  9. Radiator leaks that lead to fires;
  10. Complications with parts in the steering system; 
  11. Unsafe windshield strength; and
  12. Weak spots in the vehicle’s frame or body.

Pursuing A Product Liability Claim 

Even with new vehicles’ advanced technology and design features, automobile defects remain a serious problem. The lives of drivers and passengers depend on their vehicle’s ability to operate safely and appropriately. Per New York law, all vehicles must be reasonably safe for driving. When car makers fail to produce safe vehicles, they can be held liable for any resulting accidents. Therefore, after an accident, it is imperative to preserve your vehicle. To establish a product liability claim, the Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s battle-tested attorneys must be able to show that either the vehicle or its components were substandard and generated an unreasonable risk, which led to your injuries. Contingent on the particular circumstances surrounding your accident, the car manufacturer, specific component producer, distributor, or dealer may all be held liable for your losses. Determining which parties should be held accountable involves analyzing the assembly and distribution of the vehicle. 

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