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Lockport NY According to a statistic from the Insurance Information Institute over the past decade, there have been consistently 5,000 motorcycle fatalities each year. A staggering number of motorcycle fatalities are caused by left-hand turns. In areas with a high volume of commuter traffic, such as in Lockport, New York, accidents of this kind occur with alarming frequency. Residents of Western New York will be well acquainted with Transit Road, which connects the city of Lockport to East Aurora. Unfortunately, the convenience of this major roadway is also its greatest hazard. The high number of businesses, side streets, and residences along Transit Road necessitate frequent turns and consequently more opportunities for accidents to occur. The high traffic volume on Transit Road also means that vehicles are more likely to make risky turns. With speed limits ranging from 30 to 55 miles per hour, accidents have the potential to be fatal.

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Why Are Left-Hand Turns Dangerous?

Needing to make a left-hand turn on a busy street can sometimes be frustrating. Many drivers will often find themselves waiting at an intersection to turn left with no break in oncoming traffic. When left-hand turn accidents occur, they are typically the result of two things: either a driver misjudged the speed of an oncoming car, or a driver failed to notice a hazard when making their turn.

Sometimes, errors in judgment can be made when attempting a turn. A driver might begin a turn believing they have sufficient time to complete it, only to be struck by an oncoming car. Learning to take your time and carefully judge a turn window can be the difference between a normal afternoon and a catastrophic injury or worse. In some instances, however, the fault might not reside with the individual making the turn. This can be the case if an oncoming car is driving over the speed limit.

Another reason left-hand turns are regarded to be more dangerous than right-hand turns is due to limited visibility. Often, when making a left turn, a driver encounters blind spots. Parked cars, heavy traffic, and even weather conditions can limit a driver’s line of sight and affect their ability to turn safely. Motorcyclists making left-hand turns are particularly at risk because they have a smaller profile than cars and can easily fit within a blind spot. Regardless of their vehicle, all drivers should exercise caution when approaching an intersection or attempting a turn. Never make a turn unless you are certain your way is clear.

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Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclist Holding a Helmet One of the best ways to guarantee your personal safety as a motorcyclist is to educate yourself on motorcycle safety. The Motorcycle Legal Foundation recommends the following action steps for current and prospective motorcyclists:

  1. Pick Your Motorcycle: Finding the right motorcycle is a crucial step towards safe riding. A motorcycle, much like a bicycle, should be appropriate to both your lifestyle and physical capabilities.
  2. Dress Appropriately: Clothes are often the only protection available to a motorcyclist. In addition to the Department of Transportation mandated helmet, motorcyclists should consider investing in protective gear such as jackets, gloves, boots, and pants.
  3. Take A Class: In New York State, it is recommended that motorcyclists take a motorcycle safety class before scheduling their motorcycle road test. However, pursuing additional classes is a good idea, particularly for first-time motorists. The Department of Motor Vehicles operates the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program across New York State, with options ranging from basic to advanced motorcycle operation courses.
  4. Get Involved: A great way to promote motorcycle safety is through involvement in local clubs. The Niagara County Motorcycle Club meets tri-annually in Lockport, New York, to host motorcycle events and support a community of riders.

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