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Erie, Pennsylvania, Vehicle Defect Collision Attorneys

In a recent year alone, there were 8 fatal car accidents in Erie, Pennsylvania. While automobile safety has significantly improved over the years, vehicle defects still cause far too many car crashes. For instance, defective ignition switches on General Motors (GM) vehicles caused the engine to shut off and disabled both the airbags and power steering while the car was still in motion.

General Motors knew about the ignition problems for 10 years before issuing the first of many recalls. Unfortunately, the automotive giant’s failure to prioritize customer safety has been linked to at least 124 fatalities and 275 injuries. The lives of drivers, passengers, and everyone on the road depend on vehicles functioning properly. Unfortunately, many victims do not know that their vehicles are faulty until the defect causes an accident. Just imagine how you would feel trying to stop at a busy intersection with malfunctioning brake pads. Suppose that you, or a loved one, was badly injured in a crash that you suspect was caused by a substandard component. In such a case, it is imperative to speak with a product liability attorney immediately. Far too many unsuspecting drivers are blamed for collisions resulting from their flawed vehicles. Nevertheless, after an accident, drivers are often in a rush to repair their substandard vehicles, which can significantly obstruct a victim’s chances of a successful vehicle defect accident claim.

Pursuing a case against the careless auto manufacturer may be the only way to obtain justice. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s leading team possesses the legal expertise and vast resources necessary to investigate your defective accident claim methodically and ensure that you are in a position to obtain the highest possible compensation. Jed Dietrich, Esq. has secured over $175 million in verdicts and settlements for injured victims in Erie, Pennsylvania, and throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania. Our seasoned lawyers would like to offer you a complimentary consultation and case evaluation. The Dietrich Legal Team’s battle-tested litigators are available 24/7 by dialing 814-839-3939 or by filling out our online consultation form. There has never been a better time to contact our highly qualified team, so please do not wait any longer.

Three Main Types Of Vehicle Defects Three Main Types Of Vehicle Defects

Instead of ensuring that their vehicles comply with safety standards, auto manufacturers regularly rush to produce as many cars as possible. Unfortunately, these massive corporations often place revenues and profit margins above consumer safety. Before General Motors recalled some 30 million cars worldwide, the company tried to blame drivers for using heavy keychains. According to an email chain, although replacing the key ignition-switch part would have cost less than $1 per car, GM’s cost culture stopped the company from issuing the necessary recall. The 3 main types of product liability claims related to vehicles include:

  1. Design Defects: Some vehicles, no matter how safely they are designed, may be inherently dangerous. Before a car is even produced, it may have had safety issues that the engineers failed to catch. For instance, the Ford Pinto was infamous for bursting into flames because of defects in the design of its strap-on gas tank.
  2. Manufacturing Defects: Manufacturing defects pertain to oversights in how the vehicle was made. These shortcomings typically occur on the assembly line when design plans are not properly followed. For example, brake pads that were incorrectly connected to the brake caliper at the factory.
  3. Failure to Warn: Various risks cannot be eliminated when designing or producing vehicles. For example, if you look inside your vehicle, you will likely see a safety warning about the airbags being released. Failure to warn refers to a situation where the hazardous nature of a component was inadequately explained to consumers.



Tips On Preventing Faulty Vehicle Crashes

Every car owner has a reasonable expectation that their vehicle will get them from point A to point B without a dangerous vehicle defect causing an accident. Unfortunately, with countless moving components, problems can arise, and vehicles can malfunction when you least expect it. Therefore, it is crucial to always remain cautious when driving. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s highly experienced attorneys recommend taking the following measures to help prevent a defective vehicle accident:

  1. Read and become familiar with your vehicle owner’s manual;
  2. Ensure that you adequately maintain your car by getting regular tune-ups and servicing;
  3. While there is no magic number for how often to replace your tires, the consensus is somewhere between 3 and 5 years;
  4. Before driving, always inspect your vehicle for any obvious signs of malfunctioning parts;
  5. If you discover any critical issues with the vehicle, contact a mechanic and avoid driving it;
  6. Keep an eye out for dashboard warning lights, which could indicate crucial alerts about your engine, fluid levels, airbags, and braking system;
  7. Always pay attention to other vehicles on the road for signs of defects;
  8. Stay conscious of your surroundings and know your car’s limitations;
  9. Adjust the head restraints to the appropriate height to properly cushion your head and spine in case of an accident; and
  10. Always wear your seat belt.

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s elite attorneys have decades of experience trying and negotiating lawsuits against some of the world’s biggest corporations. Our battle-tested team has established some of the industry’s most successful strategies. Product liability lawsuits involving substandard vehicles can be extremely technical and often require thorough investigations, accident reconstruction experts, and analysis from car manufacturing experts to successfully prove. With the Dietrich Legal Team’s veteran litigators fighting in your corner, even the largest car manufacturer will be forced to offer you a significant settlement package. Our honorable dedication to exceeding your expectations and delivering the best possible result is what sets us apart from other law firms. Please contact Jed Dietrich, Esq. and his top rated Erie, Pennsylvania team. We are available anytime at 814-839-3939 or by filling out our online consultation form.

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