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Slip And Fall - Cheektowaga

Regarded as one of Cheektowaga, New York’s premier shopping centers, the Walden Galleria Mall sees upwards of 23 million visitors a year. With such a high volume of guests, there is greater potential for slip and fall accidents to occur. A slip and fall can take place both inside and outside of the mall, and visitors should be aware of the causes and dangers of each geographic location. While pedestrians might know the risks associated with parking lots, less known are the hazards facing shoppers inside the mall itself.

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Crosswalk And Parking Lot Hazards

Slip And Fall - CheektowagaA slip and fall can happen anywhere. In locations that see greater numbers of pedestrian traffic, such as the Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga, New York, the likelihood of an accident occurring becomes even greater. Of the hazards facing pedestrians outside of the mall, cracks or dips in sidewalks or parking lots can easily lead to slip and falls. Large crowds can also pose a risk in the form of falls from curbs or even accidental pushes. For more information on slip and fall accidents, refer to our FAQ page.

A busy parking lot can be dangerous to pedestrians as well, particularly on occasions when crammed parking lots lead to tension or reckless driving on the part of motor vehicle operators. Whether you are on foot or behind the wheel, it is crucial to maintain awareness of your surroundings while in mall parking lots to avoid receiving or causing a personal injury.

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Slip And Fall Hazards

Inside the mall itself, the potential hazards awaiting shoppers are significant. During the busy seasons, such as Black Friday and Christmas, higher volumes of crowds and greater tension among individuals can result in either accidental or intentional falls. Some of the causes of slip and falls can include:

  1. Wet or slippery floors from poor mopping or rain or snow tracked indoors;
  2. Wet bathroom floors from sink splashes, toilet overflow, or broken pipes;
  3. Spilled food or drink;
  4. Falls on escalators or stairs; and
  5. Overwhelming crowds resulting in accidental trips or pushes.

Recent need for health precautions while out in public has brought many changes to the safety regulations within shopping malls. In light of the new procedures put in place on account of Covid-19, there are greater lines outside of stores. Barriers and regulated pathways have made for a more confusing and sometimes stressful shopping experience. While these restrictions limit the number of shoppers allowed in a store at one time, they do not restrict the amount of shoppers who congregate outside of store entrances. Like crowded parking lots, crowded areas of the mall can increase the risk of slip and falls. Sometimes, even poor visibility as a result of wearing a mask can result in a fall. The Walden Galleria Mall’s website details new safety guidelines for visitors. Among the recommendations, they include instructions to maintain distance, wear masks, and obey the traffic directions outside of the mall.



Determining Responsibility

In the event of a slip and fall, one of the most important actions to take is determining culpability for the fall. According to the New York State Senate website, responsibility for accidents occurring in parking lots of shopping centers lies with the local town board. For Cheektowaga, New York this would be the Town of Cheektowaga Traffic Safety Commission. Under their authority, and according to the regulations of the New York State Senate, the local town board may:

  1. “Order stop signs, flashing signals or yield signs erected at entrance or exit locations to any such area or designate any intersection in such area as a stop intersection or as a yield intersection and order like signs or signals at one or more entrances to such intersection.”
  2. “Regulate the crossing of any roadway by pedestrians.”
  3. “Adopt such additional reasonable rules and regulations with respect to traffic and parking in any such areas as local conditions may require for the safety and convenience of the public or of the users of any such area.”

As the Walden Galleria Mall parking lot is under the jurisdiction of Cheektowaga, New York’s town board, it lies with the town board to ensure the safety and upkeep of the parking lot and the pedestrians who utilize it. Inside the mall, the responsibility lies with mall staff and maintenance crew to ensure the pathways are kept clear and safe for pedestrian use. Culpability for a slip and fall inside of the mall falls upon those entities responsible for the safety of the premises. If you were injured in a slip and fall at the Walden Galleria Mall or in the surrounding areas of Cheektowaga, New York, the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. can help you obtain a just and fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

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