Neck Injuries After Car Accidents

Whiplash-300x179Car accidents are one of the country’s leading causes of neck injuries. Over 800,000 crashes involving neck injuries are reported throughout the United States each year. Despite being a highly vulnerable part of the body, the neck has minimal protection during a car accident. While wearing a seatbelt can help keep your body in place, your neck and head are left unrestrained. In the event of a car crash, a victim’s neck can quickly jolt back and forth, be violently jerked from one side to another, or even be struck by flying debris. Abrupt, sharp movements are known for causing severe injuries to the cervical spine’s tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles, and joints.  

Signs And Symptoms Of Neck Injuries

In the wake of a collision, it often takes victims suffering from neck injuries several hours or even days before signs and symptoms emerge. For this reason, it is crucial never to ignore even relatively minor pain. When left untreated, a trivial neck injury could lead to lingering pain and chronic complications in the future. We strongly advise seeking immediate medical care if you experience any of the following:  

  1. Dizziness;
  2. Headaches;
  3. Neck stiffness;
  4. Sharp or burning pain in the neck; 
  5. Tingling or numbness throughout the body;
  6. Pain that radiates to the shoulders, arms, and hands; 
  7. Weakness of the arms, hands, and fingers; or
  8. Difficulty walking or grabbing items.

Most Common Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can drastically vary in type and severity. During a car accident, the impact may force the victim’s body to endure powerful forces that twist or throw their neck out of place. Collisions can cause a wide range of neck injuries and other complications, including:

  1. Soft Tissue Damage: Car accidents can easily sprain, strain, and tear the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the neck. 
  2. Whiplash: Accident victims can suffer whiplash when their heads and necks rapidly jerk forward and backward.  
  3. Facet Joint Injuries: The force from a crash can irritate and inflame the facet joints that help stabilize the head and neck.  
  4. Slipped or Herniated Discs: High-impact accidents can cause the discs in the cervical spine to become displaced and even compress nerves in the spinal cord.  
  5. Neck Fractures: This type of fracture is excruciating and improper movement could result in total paralysis. If you suspect you have suffered from a neck fracture, do not attempt to move without medical assistance. 

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