Back Injuries: Herniated And Bulging Discs

Woman-with-back-injury-300x200In the wake of an accident, it can take victims who have suffered from herniated or bulging discs weeks or even months before these injuries become problematic. Consequently, back and spinal cord injuries are regularly overlooked and undiagnosed. Unfortunately, failure to detect bulging discs can result in long-lasting pain and suffering. A herniated or bulging disc occurs when one of the rubbery cushions positioned in-between the bones that make up the spinal cord is shifted out of alignment. While any region of the spine can endure a herniated disc, this type of injury tends to arise in the lower back. 

What Are Common Causes Of Disk Herniation?

Numerous personal injury accidents and mishaps can cause herniated and bulging discs. The most frequent causes include:

  1. Slip and falls; 
  2. Falls from elevated heights;
  3. Car accidents;
  4. Motorcycle collisions;
  5. Lifting heavy objects without adequate back support;
  6. Occupational exposure to substantial vibration;
  7. Lengthy periods of sitting; and
  8. Repetitive movements that strain the spine.

Common Symptoms Of Herniated And Bulging Discs

A victim’s body may be subjected to violent forces during an accident that causes vertebrae to be wrenched or thrown out of position. This can cause intense strain on the spine and push the delicate discs out of place. Gradually, the herniated disc places significant pressure on the spinal cord due to swelling and inflammation. As the tension in the back increases, the symptoms also worsen. Although symptoms generally affect one side of the body, severity depends on the location of the misaligned disc and whether or not it is pressing on a nerve. Signs you may have experienced a herniated or bulging disc include:

  1. Tingling or Numbness: Victims frequently experience a radiating tingling or numbness in the area of the body that is served by the distressed nerves.
  2. Arm or Leg Pain: If a disk in your lower back was herniated, you would likely feel pain throughout your calves, thighs, and buttocks. Your feet might also ache or feel tender. Typically, if your neck suffers a herniated disk, you will endure the majority of pain in your arms and shoulders. This sharp or burning pain will likely spread into your arms or legs if you sneeze, cough, or shift into certain positions.
  3. Weakness in Extremities: Muscles linked to the damaged nerves are highly susceptible to slowly weakening. This can make walking difficult and impact your ability to grab, lift, and hold items. 

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