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Well, let me ask you this, if you slip and fall and hurt yourself, do you have a case? You may not know unless you call Jed. Attorney Jed Dietrich is back with good information on how he and his office can help in this kind of situation. Good to see you again Linda. Goof to see you again sir. Always my pleasure, really.

I feel bad for people who slip and fall, you know. You are shopping or you are this or you are that and you are visiting and then – bang – you are on the ground. And it happens like that. What I would like to talk about, Linda, is what we are here to do for the people who get injured, we are here to help them through the process and also to make the circumstance where they fell safer. So, you talk about personal injury lawyers and what they do, they help people recover for their injuries with compensation but they also try to make the place where they fell or society, a safer place. If you look at the statistics in terms of what personal injury lawyers do, they make the world a better place – a safer place. So, we have had many cases where people are in their apartment building and the railing to the stairs may be loose and they have complained to their landlord and their landlord does not fix it and then a week or two later their guest is over and they fall down. Now, that is something that people do not understand, you can actually make a claim against your own landlord and their insurance company to be reimbursed for your pain and suffering and your medical bills. The other thing is the broken concrete and sidewalk type cases. We have many of those with the older folks in our community here, they are out trying to get some exercise and it is a broken sidewalk and people knew it was bad and they fall on that, it was a loose stone or something and the injuries are terrible. I mean, the fall down injuries, especially if you are a little older could be the broken bones, requiring surgery with sometimes in-patient care, then a nursing home. So, we are here to help you under those circumstances.

Jed, does the court force them to fix the problem? Well, the court does not and what the remedy there is you make a claim against the landowner and the landowner has insurance and that insurance company come in and they go out and look at the property. Typically, they will say “we will not insure you in the future unless you correct this right now.” Again, it goes back to what I do as a lawyer trying to protect my clients and other people in society from further injuries. If we were not there to hold people accountable then they would not correct it. So, the insurance companies, if there is a problem with the landlord and it is a persistent problem, then they will not be able to get insurance or their rates will be so high.

So, what can we do – if this happens and you slip and fall, what should someone do? Well, the fir4st thing they need to do is evaluate their medical situation and call an ambulance if it is very serious. We need pictures of where it happened so that we can prove the case as evidence and then you can call us at 716-839-3939. We are here to help you. We will help you get to the right doctors, we will help people get their medical bills paid, when bills come in there is a provision on many insurance policies called a medical pay provision and that allows medical bills to be paid as the case goes on. So, it makes it a little easier for folks if they have a co-pay. We will work with Medicare, so if it is an older person and Medicare pays, we will deal with Medicare, see what was paid by Medicare and make sure that they are compensated so people can have Medicare in the future.

Alright, so there you go. Last week Jed brought up a really good point, what to do if you get injured in a car that is an Uber or a Lyft. Things I never thought about but you know what? Now, we have the answer to that, you can call Jed. and call even if you are not sure because sometimes those nagging injuries can come back and bite you. Go to and get an expert’s opinion because that is who they are.

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