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The Rochester Thruway and Auxiliary Highways

The New York State Thruway is among the busiest toll roads in the United States. Running an estimated 570 miles in length, the Thruway connects Rochester to some of the Empire State’s biggest cities, from Buffalo and Niagara Falls in the west to Albany and New York City in the east. Although the Thruway is comprised of several component highways, its numerical designation in Monroe County is I-87. While the Thruway does not run directly through Rochester, the city connects to the interstate through the following auxiliary highways:

  1. Interstate 390: I-390 runs along the Rochester Metropolitan Area’s southwestern periphery, beginning in Gates and terminating in Avoca.
  2. Interstate 490: I-490 acts as a northbound alternative to the Thruway, arcing through Rochester by way of Le Roy and Victor. I-490 bisects Rochester and constitutes the southern end of the city’s Inner Loop.
  3. Interstate 590: I-590 connects I-390 and I-490, acting as a suburban link between southeastern Rochester and Brighton.

Accidents can happen anywhere on the New York Thruway, as well as its auxiliary roadways. While most of these crashes are not severe, some lead to serious and even life-changing injuries. Unfortunately, some also end in death.



How Thruway Accidents Happen

Each year, tens of millions of Americans traverse the New York Thruway. According to the road’s regulatory authority, an estimated 250 million vehicles travel more than 8 billion miles on the highway annually. While New York claims that its Thruway is among the safest and most reliable superhighway systems in the country, accidents still happen.

In one recent incident, a 43-year-old man drove off the shoulder of the Thruway near Henrietta before overcorrecting and crossing several lanes of traffic. He lost control of his SUV, which flipped over, injuring everyone inside. The same month, another motorist leaving the Clifton Springs service area took a wrong turn and re-entered the Thruway in the wrong direction. Seconds later, the driver collided with another vehicle; three people were killed, and two were injured. Rochester thruway crashes could be caused by:

  1. Reckless, Distracted, or Drowsy Drivers: Although Thruway accidents are rare compared to crashes on city streets, they tend to have more serious outcomes because of the high speeds involved. When drivers make intentional or unintentional mistakes on the Rochester Thruway, the cost to other motorists can be immense.
  2. Negligent Commercial Vehicle Drivers: Since Interstate 87 connects all of New York’s largest cities, it has significant commercial vehicle traffic. While most semi-truck drivers are skilled professionals, they may still take unnecessary risks or make poor decisions. These poor decisions can injure and kill other people. Semi-truck accidents are not infrequent on Rochester’s auxiliary highways. Recently, a truck driver on I-490 failed to negotiate a curve and ended up rolling his vehicle in afternoon traffic.
  3. Poor Maintenance: Rochester experiences heavy snow in the winter and extensive construction in the summer. When county maintenance crews fail to clear the roads or use equipment irresponsibly, they put others at risk.
  4. Bad Weather: Nobody can change the weather. However, when people drive too fast or too slow for conditions, they put themselves and other motorists in danger: snow, ice, and standing water increase the likelihood of accidents.
Obtaining a Fair Recovery After a Rochester Thruway Accident

Surprised People  in front of a laptopLife after a serious Rochester Thruway accident can be difficult to manage. If you were injured, you might have to pay for:

  1. Car repairs;
  2. Hospital bills;
  3. Reconstructive surgery;
  4. Prescription medications;
  5. Medical accessories, such as a wheelchair orcrutches; and
  6. Physical therapy.

If your injuries required hospitalization and extended recovery, you might have also lost income from work—income you need to pay down your medical bills, keep a roof over your head and continue providing for your loved ones. Remember, car insurance companies are for-profit businesses, which means they will do everything to deliver the biggest possible profits to their shareholders. Even if they offer you a settlement sufficient for your short-term needs, it may not cover the long-term implications of your accident and injuries.

When you get hurt in an accident that was not your fault, you need an attorney’s assistance. Insurance companies often tell accident victims that a lawyer will only make settlement negotiations difficult. But the truth is that insurance adjusters are afraid of experienced personal injury attorneys because they know we will stop at nothing to get the best possible outcome for our clients. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. knows how to deal with people who will not provide fair recompense for their wrongdoing. Please call us at 585-939-3939 to find out how we can help you recover from your Rochester Thruway accident.

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