Hotel And Motel Accident Injury Lawyers In Erie, Pennsylvania

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Hotel And Motel Accident Injury Lawyers In Erie, Pennsylvania

Hotels and motels can be found just about anywhere, from bustling city centers to remote truck routes. Since the 1920s, when the first motels appeared in response to an increase in the percentage of road trips, the demand for temporary lodging has continued to be high. No matter its geographical location, the expectation for any hotel or motel remains the same: Paying customers expect a safe, clean place to spend one or multiple nights. Unfortunately, injury and illness in the hospitality industry are also common, with slip and fall accidents and food poisoning among the leading causes of hotel and motel-related injuries.

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Slip And Fall Accidents At Hotels And Motels

Slip and fall accidents are the most common accidents to occur at hotels and motels. In fact, floors are a common factor in 36,000 deaths and seven million hospital visits every year. What might cause a slip and fall in a hotel or motel? We often think of slippery surfaces such as wet floors and patches of ice on sidewalks as the only culprits. However, a slip and fall can also be caused by faulty elements of the property itself. Examples of faulty elements include:

  1. Faulty or Improperly Installed Equipment: Improperly installed equipment, such as faucets and taps that create leaks, rugs with loose edges that might cause trips, and bathrooms without safety bars or foot grips in the bathtubs.
  2. Poor Maintenance: Wet floors without adequate signage; puddles left to accumulate around pools; and sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots that have not been salted or cleared of ice and snow.
  3. Human Error: Accidents caused by equipment left out by staff, such as cleaning carts, vacuums, mop buckets, boxes, and furniture, can also increase the chance of a slip and fall.

A National Floor Safety Institute report found that floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year. In the hospitality industry, slip and fall accidents are among the top causes of injuries, but they are not the only cause.

For over twenty years, we have fought on behalf of clients in countless personal injury-related claims. If you or a loved one were injured in a hotel or motel-related accident in Erie, Pennsylvania, and are unsure where to turn, our team of top personal injury attorneys is here for you. Call us today at 814-839-3939 or visit us online to schedule your free consultation. You will never be charged a fee until we secure a win for you!

Food Poisoning At Hotels And Motels

Hotel And Motel Accident Injury Lawyers In Erie, Pennsylvania

Many hotels and motels provide a food and beverage service. Whether it is room service, a complimentary breakfast buffet, or an in-hotel restaurant, the food prepared by a hotel must meet the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as state-specific regulations determined by local governments.

Food poisoning occurs when the body consumes harmful bacteria from contaminated or undercooked food. Harmful bacteria can grow on food if it is not stored correctly. For example, if the temperature of a refrigerator is above 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the environment is not cold enough to prevent bacteria from growing. Food that has not been thoroughly washed, is partially cooked, or has been handled by someone with unwashed hands are just a few of the leading causes of bacteria growth in food poisoning cases. Once contaminated food has been digested, it begins to react with the body to create physical symptoms of illness. The most common symptoms of food poisoning include the following:

  1. Vomiting;
  2. Diarrhea;
  3. Fever;
  4. Stomach cramps; and
  5. Nausea.

Food poisoning is typically nonfatal. However, it can cause physical discomfort and require several days before an individual has fully recovered. In severe cases, food poisoning can contribute to more serious physical complications such as kidney damage and meningitis.

In the United States, hotels and motels are part of the accommodation and food services sector. As such, this sector is responsible for providing temporary lodging and serving meals to paying customers, with the understanding that the services they provide are fit for either use or consumption. Just as a hotel or motel is responsible for maintaining the physical premises, as a member of the hospitality industry, they also have a duty to provide food and drink that is safe for human consumption.



Determining Negligence In A Hotel Or Motel Accident

Every personal injury claim, no matter the physical location, the individuals involved, or the severity of the injury, must first establish negligence. Negligence is the “failure to exercise the level of care toward another person that a reasonable or prudent person would exercise under similar circumstances.” Accident claims involving a hotel or motel must establish that the business failed to uphold that expected level of care toward the injured party. Once that has been established, the injured party can move forward with their personal injury claim against the responsible party.

Building a personal injury claim can seem intimidating, especially for an individual without previous knowledge of personal injury law. Our goal at the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. is to assist victims of personal injury in understanding and building their cases. For over two decades, our team of top-rated personal injury attorneys has prioritized our clients’ needs above all. If you or a loved one were the victim of a hotel or motel accident in Erie, Pennsylvania, and are seeking help, reach out to a member of our team today by calling 814-839-3939 or visiting us online to schedule your free consultation. Our offices are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. You will never be charged a fee until we obtain compensation for you.

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