Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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Hey we are back on this crazy Tuesday with the rain coming down we'll check that forecast for you later. we know your home team we have more great information, our wonderful guest this morning is local attorney Jed Dietrich and he brought a really good question to like this morning to talk about and the question is how much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer in Buffalo New York? Good morning nice to have you do

Good to you see Linda.

You know that's a question that everybody will wonder about. sure. and it's the kind of thing like when do we ask that well we're gonna ask this. before we get going I have my Buffalo time right so again I like to say it's a great day to be Buffalo nian so he's got some rain coming on but it's a good day to watch and Bob is certainly here. so people say it's expensive to hire a lawyer lawyer calls me or I called a lawyer we get charged by the hour it's not like that in the personal injury injured by a car accident slip-and-fall world it's a matter of us working on a contingency basis so we don't obtain any fee whatsoever until we settle the case on your behalf and if we don't make a recovery on your behalf there's no fee and we don't charge you anything we don't charge in our office for phone calls so I can talk to my clients every day and there's no extra fee for that it's a good arrangement, because the fee is one-third so if the case settles we've got some skin in the game obviously that's important it's always worked that way in New York that's the standard arrangement in New York and what I like to say it doesn't cost any more to hire a lawyer with a great track record, my firm has handled these personal injury cases for almost 15 years in Buffalo now, and what we do is return every phone calls in one business day we treat you the way we want to be treated and we work hard to get you the best result because that's what everyone's looking for they want to be treated with respect and they want the best results so, when it comes to bringing a personal injury claim it doesn't cost any more to hire a lawyer with a great track record it doesn't cost anything until the end of the case and we always provide a free consultation now we're available at 839-3939 or calljed.com that's c-a-l-l-j-e-d.com be calm there's a lot of great information there so if you had a car accident a slip-and-fall or some other type of personal injury case we're happy to help.

Yeah because really by the time a person is getting ready to pick up the phone to call someone like you or you, they've already suffered some kind of trauma of course and so now they're going into okay now I have to call an attorney I don't know what this is gonna cost me it's so great that you're so upfront with all of this information.

Can be very stressful and I and I like to say the insurance companies are really not there to protect you they're not there to help you out they're there to help their shareholders so you need a representative you need a lawyer to fight aggressively on your behalf I like to say it's a confrontational business and we're here to confront people for you so that you can get better have your medical treatment and not worry about fighting an insurance company.

Yeah and and if the insurance company does want to settle and they're getting ready to offer you money don't take it until if you feel you need to call Jed.

You need counsel.

You need counsel because you may be getting severely underpaid but once you accept that your case is done.

On a number of occasions we've had people contact us and whether they start without a lawyer and try to negotiate themselves and sometimes they make a mistake and then they try to get out of it which is very difficult in New York State once you sign the document especially in the presence of a notary public you're locked in or you can start with another lawyer and people come to me in midstream sometimes they say my lawyers not returning my phone call I said that's unacceptable we return every single phone call within one business day I provide my cell phone number to every single one of my clients and people say, well isn't that a problem don't people call you on the weekends and at nights and I say generally it's not because we have a very strong relationship with our clients at 839-3939 were there to help you.

It's the best now we want to give you Jed's information because transparency is what it's all about again if you need a person the services of a personal injury attorney, you're already going through some stress Jed's office makes it as easy for you as possible to go ahead and call their office and to get something going and to get a relationship and to get the very best legal information and education and support you need so give them a call at 839-3939 that's the Jed that's the Jeep Detrick law firm on a North North Forest Road in Buffalo easy enough call gedcom this is not good to see you again.

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