Erie, Pennsylvania, SUV Rollover Accident Injury Lawyers

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. Fiercely Represents Individuals Who Have Been Injured as a Result of SUV Rollover Accidents in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Erie, Pennsylvania, SUV Rollover Accident Injury Lawyers

Since the Second World War, the popularity of larger, cross-country vehicles has continued to rise. In recent years, SUV model motor vehicles have been at the top of sales charts worldwide. In a single recent year, 46% of motor vehicle sales were for SUVs alone. For many, the SUV is considered to be a safer option for individuals and families, especially those interested in camping, off-roading, and road trips. While they do have many safety features, SUVs are, in fact, more likely to be involved in rollover accidents than other motor vehicles.

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What Causes SUV Rollover Accidents?

Sport Utility Vehicles, commonly known as SUVs, are valued for their height and spacious interiors. Unfortunately, the greater height of many SUVs means they are both top-heavy and possess a higher center of gravity. With SUVs, the higher center of gravity means they are more easily overbalanced, and with considerable weight distributed in the upper portions of the vehicle, a rollover is unfortunately common. The lower a car is to the ground, the harder it is to be tipped over in the event of an accident.

The most common causes of rollover accidents can include:

  1. Moving too fast: Taking a turn or an exit ramp at unsafe speeds or otherwise exceeding the speed limit can lead to a build-up of momentum that can cause a motor vehicle to tip over.
  2. Weather-related driving conditions: Poor weather, such as snow, rain, or ice, often leads to slippery roads and surfaces that are more prone to overbalancing a car.
  3. Collisions: A rollover can sometimes occur in the resulting impact from a collision with another motor vehicle or from a collision with a curb, guardrail, wall, sign, fence, or other object bordering a roadway.

The circumstances that lead to vehicle rollovers are not location-dependent, but certain factors can increase the likelihood of such accidents. As mentioned above, weather-related conditions like sleet or ice are a definite risk factor in SUV rollover accidents. The terrain is another risk factor, particularly for individuals who enjoy camping and other activities that might require driving on unpaved roads. An unpaved road is more prone to potholes that might catch the wheel of an SUV and cause it to tip over. Unpaved roads are also more prone to mud and other weather-induced conditions that can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle.

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SUVs At A Glance

Erie, Pennsylvania, SUV Rollover Accident Injury Lawyers

As mentioned above, SUVs continue to be one of the most popular car models available on the market today. With superior carrying space and good visibility, it is easy to feel safe behind the wheel. Most car manufacturers have their own version of an SUV. Recently, the five most popular models of SUVs were:

  1. Toyota RAV4;
  2. Honda CR-V;
  3. Tesla Model Y;
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee; and
  5. Toyota Highlander.

In the last two decades, manufacturers of SUVs have attempted to improve the safety of their motor vehicles by modifying the design to be closer to a standard car than a sports utility vehicle. However, while changes to the design of SUVs have improved stability and lessened the likelihood that rollover accidents will occur, they have not eliminated the risk of accidents altogether. A recent study found that the rate of SUV occupant deaths has increased drastically.



SUV Rollover Accident Injuries

In SUV rollover accidents, injuries to vehicle occupants are largely caused by the collapse of the vehicle’s roof. A rollover can crush the roof as well as the sides and windshields of a vehicle. Injuries are typically caused by the following:

  1. The sudden compression of the roof and sides as the vehicle rolls;
  2. Glass shards generated by the windows or windshields breaking; and
  3. Individuals colliding with the roof, sides, or other interior components of the vehicle.

The injuries sustained in most SUV rollover accidents are similar to those found in other motor vehicle crashes. A few of the more common injuries can include:

  1. Concussions;
  2. Sprained or broken limbs;
  3. Injuries to the head, neck, or spine;
  4. Lacerations; and
  5. Bruising.

No matter the type of injury, it is vitally important that any individual involved in an SUV rollover accident immediately seeks medical attention. Even if no physical injury symptoms are present, the impact of an accident can leave harder-to-detect symptoms such as concussions and internal bruising. Always seek professional medical help following a car accident.

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