Erie, Pennsylvania, Skiing And Snowboarding Injury Lawyers

With Over 20 Years of Experience as a Personal Injury Attorney, Jed Dietrich, Esq. is Prepared to Represent Individuals in Erie, Pennsylvania, Injured in Skiing and Snowboarding Accidents.

Erie, Pennsylvania, Skiing And Snowboarding Injury Lawyers

Fans of the Winter Olympics or United States sports will be aware of the variety of competitive and recreational activities that can be enjoyed in the winter season: snowboarding, skiing, sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing, hockey, and snowmobiling are among the most popular winter-based recreational sports. In Erie, Pennsylvania, places such as the Mount Pleasant of Edinboro Ski Resort are popular destinations for individuals interested in winter sports. As with most activities, there is an inherent risk of injury, particularly when the activity involves unpredictable weather conditions.

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How Do Snowboarding And Skiing Accident Happen?

A snowboarding or skiing accident often is the result of one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Weather-Related Conditions: Snow or ice can present a risk factor when it comes to snowboarding and skiing injuries. A snowstorm can blind a snowboarder or skier, causing them to collide with objects in their path or lose their balance on treacherous slopes. Snow can also be unpredictable. For example, a patch of snow that might look solid from above can give way unexpectedly, trapping an unsuspecting athlete or causing a serious fall.
  2. Speed And Control: The faster an individual descends a slope, the less reaction time afforded to them if an unexpected obstacle appears in their path. Control is also an important factor in winter sports injuries; compensating properly for a fall or spin-out can lessen the severity of a crash.
  3. Operator Error: Much of the danger associated with these winter sports depends upon each individual’s overall mastery of the sport. An experienced snowboarder or skier will handle a tricky slope better than a novice.

Jed Dietrich, Esq. has worked on cases of personal injury and accident claims for over two decades. In that time, he has won countless cases for his clients in the Erie, Pennsylvania, region. If you are the victim of a skiing or snowboarding accident in Erie, Pennsylvania, that resulted in a personal injury, contact the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. today by calling us at 814-839-3939 or visiting us online.

Skiing And Snowboarding Injuries

Erie, Pennsylvania, Skiing And Snowboarding Injury Lawyers

The primary difference between most skiing and snowboarding injuries is the location of the injury. Skiers whose stance is split between two wooden slats are more likely to sustain an injury to the lower body. Snowboarders, by contrast, are prone to falls that damage the upper body. Some of the most common snowboarding and skiing injuries can include:

  1. Fractures: Injury to the wrist is the most common, as hands are often used to break a fall. Arm, shoulder, and elbow fractures, as well as knee dislocations and sprains, are also frequently seen.
  2. Contusions: Bruises, also known as contusions, are extremely common in sports-related injuries, as the body frequently suffers minor blows. Bruises are not often life-threatening but can indicate a more serious internal injury.
  3. Head And Spinal Injuries: These types of injuries are more common among snowboarders than skiers and can include concussions and skull fractures.

In personal injury cases, it is not uncommon to feel isolated or alone. Most of us are not prepared to wade through paperwork and unfamiliar terms in order to gain compensation for our losses. Personal injury attorneys have dedicated their lives to understanding the complications of personal injury law. If you seek a team of dedicated, tenacious, and relentless lawyers to represent you, the Dietrich Law Firm, P.C., is your top choice. Call us today at 814-839-3939 or visit us online to schedule your free consultation and discover how we can best assist you.

Tips For Staying Safe While Playing Winter Sports

Staying safe while playing winter sports is a top priority for your health and well-being. Some hazards are not one hundred percent avoidable on winter slopes. Fortunately, there are steps you and your loved ones can take to protect yourself from unnecessary harm. The following are a few easy recommendations for safer sportsmanship:

  1. Take Lessons: Learning how to ski or snowboard is one of the best ways to prevent a serious injury. Not only will you be better equipped for potentially dangerous scenarios, but taking lessons or joining a club are great ways to get involved with the winter sports community. Erie, Pennsylvania’s Mount Pleasant of Edinboro Ski Resort, offers lessons, as does the Peek’n Peak Snowsports School.
  2. Practice Situational Awareness: Knowing who and what is around you when you hit the slopes is both practical and courteous. Be aware of anyone else using a slope at the same time as you and the rules of a particular winter park. Check your local weather app or weather station for possible hazards.
  3. Invest In Protective Gear: Wearing the proper protective gear can lessen the severity of an accident. You can read more about protective gear for snowboarders here. For some recommendations on equipment for skiers, we recommend this article.



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