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Road Rash Injury Lawyers in Erie, Pennsylvania

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Road Rash Injury Lawyers in Erie, PennsylvaniaRoad rash is one of the most common injuries in motorcycle and pedestrian-related accidents. In a recent year, there were over 100,000 emergency room visits for pedestrians injured in motor vehicle-related accidents. For motorcyclists, 83,000 injuries were reported that same year. While road rash is a typically non-fatal injury, it can seriously impact an individual’s way of life.

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What Is Road Rash?

Road rash is a type of friction burn. Friction burns occur when two areas rub against each other at speed. For example, if you rub the palms of your hands together, you will start to feel heat on your skin. In accidents involving motorcycles or pedestrians, the victim is often thrown to the ground with enough force to generate heat. If the build-up of heat is severe enough, it results in a burn. In cases of road rash, that burn is often accompanied by other physical injuries that result from the body being propelled across a rough surface.

A friction burn behaves similarly to a heat burn. Because of this, road rash is categorized based on the degree of severity:

  1. First-Degree: Damage occurs only to the topmost layer of skin. While painful, it is non-life-threatening and typically heals without scarring.
  2. Second-Degree: In a second-degree burn, the first two layers of skin are damaged, resulting in blisters and pain.
  3. Third-Degree: Damage extends through all three layers of the skin and sometimes into the muscles and bones.

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Who Is at Risk for Road Rash?

Who Is at Risk for Road Rash?As the name implies, most road rash injuries involve surfaces paved with asphalt, concrete, or gravel. Motorcyclists are at the greatest risk for injury because they lack the protection afforded by a car. Pedestrians are the second most common victims of road rash injury, particularly when they are crossing busy intersections where the chances of a motor vehicle collision are higher. In addition, there are several activities that can put an individual at risk for a road rash injury. These injuries typically include:

  1. Sports Injuries: Contact spots such as martial arts or wrestling can result in friction burns when an individual falls against a mat. Even sports such as track-and-field, football, and basketball pose a risk for a friction injury in the event of a tackle or a fall.
  2. Bicycle Accidents: Falls on bicycles, motorbikes, ATVs, and other vehicles can result in the same road rash injury as a motorcycle- or pedestrian-related accident.
  3. Treadmill Slip and Falls: The automatic belt of a treadmill can reach high speeds. When an individual slips, they can sustain burns to their limbs or face as a result of contact with the treadmill belt.

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Protect Yourself From Road Rash

The best recourse for avoiding a road rash injury is to invest in proper protective equipment. In New York State, motorcyclists and cyclists are required by law to wear helmets while traveling on public roadways. For motorcyclists, bicyclists, and other operators of recreational vehicles such as ATVs or dirt bikes, it is recommended that helmets, body padding, and long-sleeved clothing be worn at all times. While they may not prevent all injuries, extra padding can shield the body against the heat generated by friction burns.

In addition to wearing proper protective gear, obeying traffic rules is one of the best ways to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. Practicing defensive driving and situational awareness can be the difference between a safe commute and a life-changing injury.

Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable. In instances of personal injury, the importance of seeking proper legal counsel can make a profound difference in your life post-accident. If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident that resulted in a road rash or other injury, a personal injury attorney can help you in deciding which action steps are best for your situation.



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