Erie, Pennsylvania Car Accidents Caused By Speeding

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In a single recent year, 29% of all fatal car accidents were caused in part by speeding. In addition:

People Driving
  1. Male drivers between the ages of 15-21 had the highest percentage of speeding-related accidents;
  2. Approximately 40% of fatal speeding accidents for drivers between the ages of 21-54 involved alcohol consumption; and
  3. The percentage of total traffic deaths related to speeding increased by 3% from the year prior.

A recent car accident in Erie, Pennsylvania, led to critical injuries when the driver lost control of his vehicle during a snowstorm. Residents in Erie, Pennsylvania, are not strangers to snow and hazardous driving conditions. However, a first responder to the scene stated that the accident resulted from unsafe driving speeds. Speeding endangers everyone on the roadway. As one of the most common causes of car accidents, speeding can seriously impact an individual's way of life.

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What Constitutes Speeding?

A speed limit is defined as the “maximum legal speed you can travel […] under ideal conditions.” Ideal road conditions are any conditions where visibility is not impaired by external factors, such as weather or time of day. Any vehicle that exceeds the posted speed limit for an area is legally considered to be speeding.

Whenever you see a speed limit sign, you are looking at the result of careful research into the safest speed for that particular roadway. Factors such as weather conditions, traffic volume, and visibility are all taken into account to determine the speed limit for a specific area. When a driver exceeds that speed limit, they place everyone around them at risk.

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Speeding Accident FAQs

The two most common causes of car accidents are driving under the influence and speeding. According to a report from, “29% of all deadly car accidents occur as a result of speeding drivers.” The following are a few frequently asked questions regarding car accidents:

  1. When Do They Occur? The majority of speeding accidents occur at night when visibility is low and drivers are typically more tired. Research has also shown that many accidents take place on holidays, with July 4th listed as the deadliest holiday for motor vehicle drivers in the United States.
  2. Why Do They Occur? A number of factors can lead to high-speed car accidents. Driving while intoxicated, distracted driving or road rage are three conditions that can cause a driver to exceed set speed limits. In each of these instances, a driver's perception is impaired through some internal factor, such as alcohol side effects or anger.
  3. What Is The Penalty for Speeding? In many states, drivers are fined depending on miles per hour over the speed limit. In severe cases, a driver's license may be revoked.



Tips To Avoid A Speeding Accident

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to avoid a speeding accident is to always adhere to the speed limit for an area. Following the posted legal speed limits ensures that you will not lose control of your vehicle. If driving conditions are unsafe or unclear, driving below the posted speed limit is recommended to remain in control of your vehicle. In addition, two tips for avoiding a car accident are:

Please Drive Slowly
  1. Practice Defensive Driving: In unsafe or unclear conditions, at intersections, around pedestrians, or narrow roads, and at night.
  2. Never Drink and Drive: Alcohol consumption impairs fine motor functions and decision-making skills. As a result, the response time when behind the wheel or driving a motorcycle is reduced and often leads to motor vehicle accidents. To learn more about alcohol and drunk driving, visit our webpage.
  3. When In Doubt, Don't Drive: If at any point you feel unsafe getting behind the wheel, stay at home! The best way to ensure you avoid an accident is to not get on the road.

Even when we take every precaution, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. In the event of a speeding accident, the most important step is to immediately obtain medical attention. Only once you have ensured the physical safety of all parties involved should you address the accident itself. If you are able, exchange information with the other parties involved and take photos of any damage done to the motor vehicles or individuals.

Knowing who to contact, what steps to take, or even how to recognize whether your situation qualifies as a personal injury claim are very common questions to ask. At the Dietrich Law Firm P.C., we are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your inquiries regarding car accidents in Erie, Pennsylvania. Please call us today at 814-839-3939 or contact us online for your free consultation.

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