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I really didn't know where to go. So I went to one of the big law firms and I just felt like I was getting the runaround I never really talked to a real lawyer it was always paralegal or secretary and that's when I met you and when I met you I felt comfortable that you would return my calls right away if I had any questions or concerns you were always available for me to talk to. Through the whole time even though it took years to solve my case you were there for me all through the years, supportive. When I was down I could call you and talk to you and you reassured me that you were there to help me instead of just being there to like make money. You were there as a friend and you helped me a lot and I felt very comfortable with you and that's why I referred you to many people. It's just a constant reminder that every day my whole life completely changed because of these car accidents. I'm not the same person.

I just want to feel good again and I know that's never going to happen. That's really important for people out there and again it might be a good opportunity to write down our phone number- it's (716) 839-3939- because we're available 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you call my office you can be patched directly through to my cell phone I have that option in terms of technology and I want everyone out there to know we're there for you during the case and even after the case. You were there for me and I knew that if somebody needed to talk to a lawyer that you'll be there. They're not talking to secretaries or paralegals that you were always there I had your cell phone number I even called you on days that you weren't working that you were with your family but you still were there for me if I needed to talk to you and I felt very comfortable with it.

I felt like you were very trustworthy and honest person. That there's a bunch of lawyers out there that most of them are just in the game for the money and I felt different with you. You felt more like a good friend than just my lawyer. And I really appreciate you saying that Amy and it goes with my personal philosophy I try to treat you folks, your victims, you didn't do anything wrong try to treat you the way I would want to be treated in your circumstance. So I say to myself as I'm working on your cases I number one I don't handle every case that comes in the door we're careful about taking the cases where we can try to help people not to say we won't take a case that's a harder case because we do but we try to take the cases where we can help you we can work together.

And you get a feeling when you're working with someone whether it's your doctor or your lawyer where you can talk to them be honest with them and then you can work together toward a goal which is the goal is to get you back on your feet, medically get the bills paid get the case settled get you a fair amount to settle the case. So I appreciate everything you've said Amy I really do. Rodney why don't we talk a little bit about what happened to you? Okay it was like a nice day I was riding my motorcycle and a truck went through an intersection and hit me. I went to another lawyer and they weren’t exactly up to par with personal injury. So they referred me to you Jed. Now Rodney a difference for people out there if you're getting information from this television show the important issue here is that Rodney was in a motorcycle accident.

When you're in a motorcycle accident there's no guarantee to get your medical bills paid. In a car accident you've got New York State No-Fault coverage which is like your own little medical policy it's attached to your car. So if you're in a car accident doesn't cost anything there's no referral fee to get your medical bills paid you don't have to get any out-of-pocket expenses for co-pays or anything like that in a car accident. Rodney was in a motorcycle collision. In a motorcycle case you don't have that security of getting your bills paid and that's your medical bills and your lost wages. Stay tuned because you will be provided with important information on what to do if you're a victim and you were injured and it wasn't your fault. Ervin why don't you say a little bit about your background we got to start to work together maybe about five years ago? Yes. And what happened to you the first time? Because you've actually had two cases.

I never was in an accident case before For some reason I just saw your name and it just said fierce, loyal and honest and the spirit just led me I don't know what happened. And the spirit just led me I don't know what happened. I just dialed that number and I was so relaxed, I was so relaxed when I came in there and you had me at ease and everything and told me what would happen I fill out some forms and stuff and we set up some doctor's appointments and stuff and I had some good doctors and everything and we just went from there you know. And with the second accident case I remember I came right back to you and I remember you said and Peggy said “Ervin don't worry we'll take care of it we'll take care of it,” yeah. What we try to do when we're working with people like you Ervin is try to put ourselves in your shoes and then give you the information that we would want if we were in your shoes.

So the the key to any relationship whether it's with your doctor or with your lawyer where you've got these close relationships and your medical care is involved is to have open lines of communication. So I give every one of my clients my cell phone number. Every single one of my clients has my cell phone number and you may think oh are you getting calls 24 hours a day? I'm not. Because again the clients I choose to work with and the folks that call me we get on the same page we try to be part of a team together so I know if I get a phone call and I just had a phone call Saturday morning and I was with my family ended up going over the hospital at the Erie County Medical Center shortly after the phone call and the person was in very bad shape. I mean she was run over by two cars, she had a broken leg, she was going to require surgery. And it was the same situation I say hey if I was her sitting in the hospital I would really want somebody to come over.

Now there's no additional attorneys fee for me to come to your home there's no additional attorneys fee for me to come to the hospital to work with you. Our fee is 1/3 we've got a situation where we don't get paid unless we win for you. So it's a situation where you don't lose anything you've got a lot of potential to take a load off of your mind. You need to listen to the doctors because in today's economy it's tough there aren't a lot of good jobs out there you don't want to lose your job and I encourage my clients to return back to work if they're physically able to do that. The issue is are they physically able and what does your doctor say? So we've got a very good relationship with really the top doctors in my opinion in western New York with the orthopedic spine surgeons, the orthopedic shoulder, knee, hip surgeons, the chiropractors, the physical therapists we've got a group of experts that we've worked with along the way that we have confidence in so when we refer you to them we think you're gonna get a good result and get back on your way down the road.

But then the insurance companies would send me to their doctors you know and their doctors would say this isn’t right you you're not hurt here you're not hurt here and I would be worrying all about this stuff. There's a very important concept taking place right now between Rodney, Ervin and Amy. These are my former clients they're not paid anything to be here today and they're talking about their experiences and how it was to be a victim. It was never any of your faults the accidents and how it was to have problems with your own insurance companies and that's a thing insurance companies are in the business to return value to their stockholders and when they do that they have to keep their premiums high or reduce their payouts. It's a business like any other business it's a confrontational business so I try to be there behind you. I didn't even know whether I had a case. My life fell apart in that car accident. They fought you every step of the way. I remember wanting to jump up and go she's lying. You had a battle on your hands.

That's why I decided to call you. And the spirit just led me I don't know what happened I just got that number. You're the guy I want to be on my team. No matter what you just reassured me like things are gonna get better they're gonna get okay don't listen to the insurance companies I mean because I was getting harassed their doctors were horrible they kept telling me nothing's wrong with you nothing's wrong with you. I knew something was wrong with me but I mean I was with you for many years and as long as it took you were just always there. There's a common misconception there that the courts are too busy or that the lawyer is too busy. What I do is I can't take every case that comes in the door but the cases that I choose to take and the people I choose to work with, we try to get those cases from start-to-finish resolved within a year or a year and a half and our average is about 18 months. So if you have an accident out there typically if you come to my office on average the case will last about 18 months and you may say well why does it last 18 months? And you folks know this because you get medical care.

It's the medical care that holds back the case to move it forward not necessarily the lawyers schedule. Now don't get me wrong a lot of lawyers are busy but what I try to do right from the beginning of the case, if your case has to go to court and about 95% of the cases do not have to go to court, some cases go a little bit into court we’ll file the paperwork and maybe do a deposition. With regard to the deposition which is a formal proceeding in a room such as this, this is my conference room we have depositions here all the time. There's a court reporter, a person who takes notes, the witness which was you, swears to tell the truth and what I do is I actually prepare you in a way that hopefully makes you comfortable.

At first I was nervous because I knew I was gonna get questioned, a million questions and trying to remember everything that happened in the pain that I was in but with you you made it comfortable, we you know went over everything so when it came time for the deposition it went very smoothly. There was no arguing, no bickering. I felt comfortable being in there and with you there with me it made me feel more confident. And that's something that's important here what type of an impression you make Rodney, Ervin and Amy has a direct bearing on what kind of result I can get you. So before we go into a deposition I prepare you so that you can make the best impression possible to try to get you the best result possible, because the bottom line is that people who are articulate as you folks are, people who express yourselves competently make better witnesses at trial. So what we try to do is prepare the case and get all the leverage up against the insurance company so that they feel like they are required to settle the case. I try to do everything I can with your assistance to try to get as much leverage up against the insurance company because that's what it comes down to. It's a confrontational business and in this confrontational business it's a matter of who is going to prevail. There are winners and losers when it comes to the accident.

Because the attorney-client privilege extends to you and I. Which means what you tell me stays with me and it stays within my staff. It allows me to know your intimate problems such that I can find solutions for those problems. That's what I do I find solutions for your problems and we try to do it in a way that allows us to work together. Stay tuned, because you will be provided with important information on what to do if you're a victim and you were injured and it wasn't your fault. I didn't even know whether I had a case. My life fell apart in that car accident. It's just a constant reminder that every day my whole life completely changed because of these car accidents. They fought you every step of the way. I remember wanting to jump up and go she's lying. You had a battle on your hands. That's why I decided to call you. And the spirit just led me I don't know what happened I just dialed that number. I felt like you were a very trustworthy and honest person. There was no doubt in my mind that everything would be fine. You made more happen in five hours than they did in five months. You alleviated much of my anxiety. I felt different with you, you felt more like a good friend. I had my check within days. And you just handle that case so beautiful for me.

I think you really care. We try to treat every single client who comes into the office with respect and the way we would want to be treated. You're the guy to be on my team. Alright we're back talking about what to do after you're injured in an accident that's not your fault. At my firm the Dietrich Law Firm, I'm Jed Dietrich, we're available 24 hours a day 7 days a week you can contact us at (716) 839-3939. So we're having a conversation here about what to do after a collision and what my firm will do for you. And the offer that they gave me from the beginning was a slap in the face. It was a slap in the face and you told me you said don't worry just wait, wait, wait, wait and it was another offer and there's another offer and you got what you what you said you were going to get for me and I'm so pleased with that. Thank you I appreciate that. The insurance companies they very frequently will give you a lowball offer and see if you and your lawyer are willing to push the case a little bit further and what we do in my office is we don't take every case that comes in the door which allows us to work on the cases that we're handling to the best of our abilities to try to get you, we attempt to get you the very best result we can if so if I get more money for you I get more money for myself.

So we're in it together that way but my main concern is to reach your expectations. If you've slipped and fallen and it wasn't your fault contact my office so I can do three things for you. Number one personally meet with you, number two complete a proper investigation and number three preserve your rights to fair and adequate compensation. So we have a team of investigators and experts, we have biomechanical experts, we have engineering experts, we have property maintenance experts, so if you slipped or you’ve fallen or you've been walking down some stairs and a railing was loose and that came out of the wall and it caused you to fall those are the types of cases we handle. We also handle cases where you're in an apartment or at a home and a ceiling comes down on you a ceiling collapse case we handle and then obviously we handle the car accident cases and the cases where you're injured and it's not your fault. So if you've been injured and it's not your fault call us there's absolutely no fee (716) 839-3939.

We will preserve your rights and tell you what we can do for you because what we try to do is we try to match your expectations with our abilities such to get you the best results so we try to reach, absolutely reach the expectations you have and exceed your expectations. We encourage people to stop in to the office with or without an appointment I may not be here but my assistant Peggy's usually here or some other member of my staff can address your concerns. We have a convenient location at John James Audubon Pkwy in Amherst, we've got our own parking lot there are no stairs or anything like that you can come right in if you're in a wheelchair that's not a problem and what we try to do is keep the lines of communication, the contact between you and us close so we can get to know you to present your case in the best way possible. After a car accident there are very strict time deadlines that need to be satisfied, if you miss a time deadline you may be precluded or disallowed from getting medical care if you don't know if you've been injured you need to get your rights preserved. If you were involved in a car accident the one thing that absolutely needs to be done right away is the No-Fault application has to be filled out. There's a very strict deadline that if you missed that deadline it may not allow you to get medical care.

Therefore, get into an accident there are three things you need to do. Contact the police, go to the doctor and call our office we will handle everything for you. Have you ever read your automobile insurance policy? If not you don't know what benefits you're entitled to. If you've been in an accident and you've been injured contact my office we will review your automobile insurance policy and explain what benefits you're entitled to. And the point we're trying to make here is that your insurance coverage on your automobile insurance policy dictates how much medical and wage reimbursement you will have after a car accident. So again what we will do at no charge to you is review your documents and tell you what type of coverage you have. Have you, your friends or family had an injury and it wasn't your fault? If so stay tuned so that you can be provided with the information to protect your rights.

If you've just tuned in to our show right now, we're talking about what to do after an injury accident when it's not your fault. This could be a car accident, it could be a ceiling collapse that collapses on you and your apartment or some friend's apartment, this could be a case where you've fallen in a grocery store, it could be a situation where you're walking in a crosswalk and you're struck by an automobile, it could be a situation where you fall off an ATV and someone else didn't have that ATV properly maintained. We are here to help you when you're injured because of someone else's fault. So when you call my office at (716) 839-3939 there is no cost for free consultation. What we try to do is get behind our clients because the legal business is a win-lose business. I mean there are winners and there are losers and what we try to do is everything we can to make your case as strong as possible to get in the win column.

Now, you may have injuries that are gonna be a problem down the road, we're gonna do everything we can to compensate you for every injury you have. You generally have one chance to be compensated for your injuries. Don't make a mistake and contact the wrong lawyer, contact us at (716) 839-3939. If you've been injured, you have an important decision to make regarding which lawyer you hire. In New York State it doesn't cost any more to hire a lawyer with a great track record. The attorneys fee is set by law. Therefore, hire the best lawyer for your injury case. Contact me at (716) 839-3939. We've got a special guest here today for anyone who's seen my previous shows Terri Blackey was with us for our last show and she's here to tell us and give us an updated and how she's doing now how you doing Terri? Doing fabulous. Good to see you again. Thank you. So you started your own business? Yes I did I used the proceeds from that, you know from the accident, it’s the good thing that came out of it and I'm up to - I just hired my fourth employee.

Do you know some of your clients track me down on Facebook or your potential clients? No I didn't know that. Yeah, because they have my name from you and it's on Facebook there have been three people and they say “please friend me I want to see Jed Dietrich, how was it?” so I friend them and then we ended up actually talking. I remember one time I was talking to a friend in Penny's and someone was coming by “was that true was that really true?” I mean I'm like yeah he asked me to do him a favor I told him because he took such good care of me he was so personable and then when they get back to me they said “he was just like you said he was, he talked to me I actually met him the first day I went in I wasn't expecting to meet him,” I’m like that's Jed. I mean it wasn't a script it wasn't rehearsed this was just what happened I said it was an easy story to tell I mean it was just perfect in every way. I have a huge family and we have family reunions and this is where it comes up especially when they come out of town and they happen to catch the infomercial and we sit down and we talk about how it is and you go in and nobody has ever said they've ever seen the lawyer that made the commercial.

They always end up seeing someone else you know they go there one or two times and they don't see the lawyer and I won't mention the name of the firm but she said the only time she saw that lawyer because they took it all the way to court was like 15 minutes before they walked into the courtroom. She had never ever, ever met this man before. And she really didn't feel comfortable about it because how can he speak for me when he was just like reading the notes real quick it wasn't even a lot of eye contact while you know the 15 minutes before they went in. He was just going over the notes from the other people she saw I don't know if they were clerks or paralegals I don't know who it was that she saw but she says she did not see the lawyer until it's actually time to walk in the courtroom and I can't imagine that.

It's important for people out there to understand this you call my office (716) 839-3939, we do not charge you anything for that phone call if I believe you have a claim that needs to be investigated you come to my office or I come to you for free I will come to you in the hospital, I will come to you at your home and what I will do is explain to you what the legal issues are and explain to you what needs to be done to preserve your rights and then I will do that for you such that we can get you the proper result. Your insurance company was like any other insurance company they want to fight you and you need somebody to fight them on your behalf. We don't charge any extra to fight your No-Fault insurance company in addition to fighting the Liability insurance company for the person who struck you so you've got two insurance companies fighting you. It was just a hassle it was one big hassle I could have never ever done it on my own. And I think they do that on purpose I think they just want you to throw up your hands and say forget about it. They do.

What they do is they give you hassles to try to discourage you from getting treatment which leads to you not getting better and it leads to them paying less money out on your claim. The longer it goes before you get medical treatment the harder it is to link up the causation of your injuries to the car accident. So after a car accident after a slip and fall after any type of an injury to you where it's not your fault somebody else causes your injuries you need to do three things. Number one if it's car accident get a police report you have to get the police report, number two if you slip and fall to a grocery store or a department store you've got to file an incident report and talk to the manager and you got to get pictures. Whip out your cell phone and get some pictures and then we've got experts who can go out after the fact get further pictures get dimensions and then that dovetails in with the investigation of a lighter impact car collision. You're hit from behind, you get propelled forward, the seat belt holds you in which means your neck comes forward your body stays in all the force goes through your neck of how the collision occurs and a lot of times these cars don't show a lot of damage.

I was just saved that's why I'm here anytime you need me. What we provide is personal attention for your personal injury. We get to know our clients it allows us to present your case in a way that maximizes our ability to help you. True, very true, it happened I'm living proof. Thank you so much Terri a pleasure to see you again. Yeah. Take care. [Music] Hello and welcome back Jed Dietrich here from the Dietrich Law Firm you can contact us at 839-3939. My guests for this portion of the show is Dr. David Pacana. Dr. Pacana, good to see you. [Music] Dr. Pacana importantly is a chiropractic doctor in Western New York, he works out of North Tonawanda, he's a Buffalo guy. He graduated from Niagara Falls High School and importantly Dr. Pacana and I work together and even more importantly Dr. Pacana was a former client of mine.

Dr. Pacana had an automobile injury case and as he is going to describe right now. It was a rather complicated case, we did depositions and we ultimately resolved the case to Dr. Pacana’s satisfaction but it took a fight and we're going to talk a little bit about that fight. So Dr. Pacana what just tell us a little bit about your background. My background, from the Western New York area, Niagar Falls grew up, I graduate from Niagara Falls High School, I started my college career at Niagara County Community College and finished at Buff State where I acquired a math, science and chemistry degree and then I went on to graduate school to New York Chiropractic College. I graduated in 1999 I've been practicing for about 15 years now. Tell us about your first accident and again there there's an issue there because I didn't represent you in your first case you went to a different firm.

My first accident was approximately 11 years ago, it was a severe rear-end accident I was represented by another attorney. The case dragged out, dragged out and finally settled. My second accident happened about four years after that and it was going to be a little more more complicated, there was injuries that were previous, new injuries that were acquired and I wanted to go to somebody that I thought could handle that case and that could handle the complications of the litigation of that case.

And how did you actually come to my attention? It was through a patient and through commercials honestly and I researched you. I thought you know you could be the and - I called your office I thought you could be the guy I could sit in front of talk to and I was very impressed when I did sit down because you're a high profile attorney but you seemed very down-to-earth and easy to talk to. And that's what I try to do with my clients I try to treat my clients and everyone in my life the way I want to be treated such that when people say “what is Jed Dietrich like?” The standard answer is he can talk to me, he will talk to me, he doesn't talk down to me. Don't make a mistake and contact the wrong lawyer contact us at (716) 839-3939.

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