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I didn't even know whether I had a case. My life fell apart in that car accident. It's just a constant reminder that every day my whole life completely changed because of this car accident. They fought you every step of the way. I remember wanting to jump up and go she's lying. You had a battle on your hands. That's why I decided to call you. And the spirit just led me. I don't know what happened I just dialed that number. I felt like you were a very trustworthy and honest person. There was no doubt in my mind that everything would be fine. You made more happen in five hours than they did in five months. You alleviated much of my anxiety. I felt different with you, you felt more like a good friend. I had my check within days. And you just handled that case so beautiful for me. I think you really care. We try to treat every single client who comes to the office with respect and the way we would want to be treated.

You're the guy to be on my team. I'm Jed Dietrich and over the next 30 minutes you will hear testimonials from my actual clients who are not actors, who are not actresses, telling you their stories, they have not been compensated. Why don't you guys just tell me a little bit about the communication between my office and you as I was pursuing your case for you. The communication was very clear. Right from the onset that was the best part. I knew that when I was talking to you I wasn't just getting information from you I would get the same information from your staff and vice versa you were very clear with setting expectations, I knew exactly what I was responsible for, which wasn't much to be honest, but I also knew what you were going to be doing next and what the expectations were.

I knew I wasn't in control of the situation but at least I knew what was going on. And now Denise you come from the financial services world? And one of the things that people frequently ask I know from my own experience is “how do you get paid?” and in my business the attorneys fee is 1/3. Which means the attorney's fee for personal injury cases is set by New York State Law and the concept there is it doesn't cost any more to hire a lawyer with a track record. A track record of cases in my case 44 times insurance companies have paid a million dollars or more on behalf of my clients. So the concept we're getting at here is it doesn't cost any more to hire a lawyer with a great track record versus a lawyer who might be part of a big operation, let's say a big firm. Now Tammy you started with the larger law firm after your accident. Unfortunately I did. And your accident was it was a rear-end collision, you got hit from behind? Yes I did. And in your case one of the things that was unusual was there was no police report.

Now when you're in a car accident it's very important to call the police. Even if the other person who caused your damage or caused your injury doesn't want to call the police. The police report is the first tool that we use to investigate the case and all of the insurance companies want that police report so in your case Tammy you went to a larger firm it was an advertising firm. Yes. Yes it was the larger firm I fell into that trap of the slogans out there you know, “call these numbers,” and I really didn't enjoy that experience. There was a large amount of dysfunction there. No one knew what was going on with my case I would call and I felt as though I knew more about my case than they did. That's when I decided to call you. What was it that struck you different than the other lawyers that were also advertising? Just the honesty of your commercial. I thought why not give this firm an opportunity and you did you reached out right away, you came to my house. You made more happen in five hours than they did in five months Again it was a very overwhelming experience and I needed somebody top-notch to handle this and you did.

I appreciate you saying that Tammy I really do and this is one of the things my personal philosophy as a lawyer and my personal philosophy in life is to try to do things to the best of my ability because if I do that and you're relying upon me then I can give you a better result and again this goes with the attorneys fees situation my fee is 1/3 there's absolutely no fee to my clients until the case is done Until we win for you, there's no fee. So what we do is we try to put the case together in a way that brings out the best parts and the attributes of you as a person to show the insurance companies that you are entitled to a fair and reasonable settlement. So when I came out to your house Tammy do you remember who I had with me? Well you had with you your children which were well behaved. You got the job done sudden last one today I have my lost wages issue five months of monkeying I did then I got you on the job I had my check within days if it wasn't days it was the next day and I was just flabbergasted by your professionalism, your compassion, caring, you made me feel a heck of a lot better in this terrible situation that changed my life I had a similar issue with my wages for some reason the employer or the company, I never could figure out which one, was holding everything up but it didn't matter as soon as your team got a hold of it, it was done like you said. Yah it was handled, things were handled, I felt like “Why didn’t I call this guy to begin with?” because I couldn’t believe it.

Again, the dysfunction at the other office, I think I knew more about my case than they knew. It was just constant run-around with different people when I was under the impression that I was going to be dealing with the top dog there. My work kind of got found out to everybody and nobody knew anything and all I knew was there was no money coming in, no creamer for my coffee. Not good. You know, in a neck brace, you know it’s reassuring when you know you have somebody that really- I think you really care. You're very kind and personable. I appreciate you saying that Tammy. And your whole staff, they’re on the ball they know what they're doing if I called here and I spoke with Peg I got an answer. So you're right I didn't need to speak with you because your staff was on it. A class act. Again, a class act. That's what I'm all about I don't have time for monkeying around and wasting my time, my time is valuable. What we try to do in my firm is treat you the way we want to be treated. We try to say if we’re the victim if we're injured and it's not our fault what would we want to happen? We’d want phone calls to be returned within one business day, that's a guarantee I provide to every one of my clients, if you call my office on the weekend you can be patched directly through to my cell phone.

On Saturday I returned a phone call at 8:30 in the morning Monday morning I was at ECMC signing up a new case on a person who was very seriously injured broken bones she got hit in a car accident those are the types of things where we believe we can excel in terms of handling the complex cases handling the problems making it easier for you as a victim. Now Sue I know that you were referred to me by your dad. Correct. And your dad and I think have known each other for going on about 15 years. he had a claim a while ago so even before you had your problem. .ou had a car accident yes and what happened in the car accident? I was driving on Transit Road and a woman came out and pulled out right in front of me and basically t-boned me luckily there was no one in the other lane or I don't know what would have happened. Since then I've had to have neck and back surgery and I didn't even know whether I had a case I had never had a lawsuit before, I was never the type to even think about that. My sister happened to tell me “you better call right away,” and I had talked to my father and my father has talked about Jed for years.

My father has had wonderful results with Jed, refers many people to him and everyone that I've known that he has referred has been quite pleased. That day I happened to call was the day after the car accident. I spoke to Peg, she - the same thing with lost wages I had just started a more or less a temporary job and got hit I had no idea that I would even be able to be eligible to get any lost wages but my life was in disarray to begin with and then this accident happened and I was just totally flustered and right away I was put at ease by Peg and then I think that day you called me back and went over what my case was, how things were gonna work and you alleviated much of my anxiety. And that's what we try to do at my firm we try to treat you the way we would want to be treated we try to put ourselves in your circumstance and say okay if I'm injured I don't have wages So we got on top of that. Right. In a car accident case you get your wages from your own insurance company it's called New York state No-Fault and your medical bills are also paid by your own insurance company under New York State No-Fault. The common misconception and each of you can testify to this is that your own insurance company they want to cut you off of benefits and keep the payouts to you as low as possible, just like the other person's insurance company.

So very frequently people will come to me and say my own company is giving me a hassle, paying my bills, reimbursing me for my mileage. You're entitled to be reimbursed for your mileage. So what we do is right at the beginning of the case you come, we meet together, tell me what happened we get the police report we find out which insurance companies are involved we fill out your No-Fault application for you. There are strict deadlines with regard to filing the forms that you need to pursue a case and to get your medical bills paid. Even if you don't want to pursue a case for your pain and suffering or your broken bones you still have to get that No-Fault application completed we do that the first time you meet with us we fill that out, we send it in and get things up and going. If you've been injured you have an important decision to make regarding which lawyer you hire. In New York State it doesn't cost any more to hire a lawyer with a great track record. The attorneys fee is set by law. Therefore, hire the best lawyer for your injury case. Contact me at 716-839-3939. And as I've said before and I'll say it again there are two ways of doing things. You can do things the right way or you can do them the wrong way. And what we try to do is do them the right way so that you get a better result. That's what it comes down to because we're in it together. You can hire a lawyer who's got a great track record.

In my case I've settled a total of 28 cases for a million dollars or more. Now why do I say that? So you can feel comfortable and clients can feel comfortable that I can handle your case. Now most cases that come to my office are not big million-dollar cases but what we do is we try to treat every single client who comes to the office with respect and the way we would want to be treated. So, I know Denise at one point we actually went through the case with you. We sat down we got your wages going we actually sued your case in the New York State Supreme Court. Why don't we talk a little bit about what the paperwork was like and your concerns and how we handled that for you. Well when you came to the house. Which it sounds like it with all three of us that's obviously a very impressive fact, I mean it never occurred to me that you would come to the house. I was really trying to figure out how am I going to get there with a broken foot and you know a messed up back? How am I going to get there? So when you came to the house and you said we're gonna do this. The laundry list that you had given me we need this form, we need this form. I didn't know anything about that and I'm pretty confident that my insurance company would not say “don't forget to fill out your No-Fault form,” I’m pretty sure, I'm pretty sure that they would not do that. But the good news is you set the expectation right away this is what we're going to do now.

My staff is going to reach out to, you Peg is going to call you, we're gonna get your wages going. The next step after that what are you doing for your care? You need to get this these are the things you need to be sure that you're taking that your health is taken care of so that you can get better. Well, Denise while you're concentrating on that we're gonna concentrate on getting everything through the process so we can get the No-Fault case going as far as pain and suffering I mean let's face it that's that's what happened. It is. So, you in a car accident case you generally have two cases that are going at the same time. You've got this No-Fault case which is the case with your own insurance company to get your medical bills paid and your lost wages and and they very frequently will not pay your lost wages once a month and then you've got bills coming in whether it's your mortgage, or whether it's your apartment bills, or whether you just have to put gas in your car. We say to ourselves if we were in your circumstance we would want to try to get that covered right away and we try to pounce on that. And then you've got this corollary case you've got the No-Fault case and then you've got what we call the personal injury case in New York State you have to be seriously physically injured to recover for this personal injury part of the case.

Now Denise and your circumstance you had a fracture, you had a fractured foot which is an automatic qualifying injury. So when I came to your home and met with you in your home it was easy for me to say wasn't your fault based upon what you told me and because you have a fracture I can definitely make a recovery on your behalf and this is what we need to do to kind of pursue things down the road. Now we also went to the next level with your case we actually went to the New York State Supreme Court and filed the formal legal paperwork against the person who caused your injuries and we did that on your behalf and then we had to fill out certain paperwork along the way.

Could you just comment on how that that went? I have to be honest if there was paperwork filled out I'm sure you reviewed it with me, but because everything was so well taken care of I just had to concentrate on getting better I mean I have to be honest I remember distinctly the deposition we had gone to the deposition and we sat in this room and there were words being thrown around I mean you hear objection on television and things like that but there were other words being thrown around that I had no idea what was going on but based on your reaction I knew I could still answer the questions and keep going. And then it was the other party's turn to make their deposition and I remember wanting to jump up and go she's lying and you're just “it's okay don’t,” you know your body language was very calm don't worry about it you knew to not worry about it. And then when the deposition was done we went out in the hallway and you very clearly said “Denise seriously don't worry about it this is what I expected and this is what we're going to do next and this is what I expect to happen next.”

It was as soon as I could talk to you and not listen to everything that was going on as far as the deposition I knew - there was no doubt in my mind that everything would be fine. And again just to kind of recap for people that are out there about 95% of the cases that I handle in my office do not have to go to court, they settle outside of court we get into a position with the insurance company to try to settle the case in a mutually agreeable way. And again, when I do that when I settle these cases I do it in conjunction with you I do it in conjunction with the victims, my clients. Because we're a team I mean once you come to me I look at it we're a team we can be stronger together we can do a better job fighting the insurance companies. That's what it is. This is a confrontational business and for better for worse I'm a confrontational person and I absolutely love to win but if there's one thing I don't like to do it’s lose. I mean I just will do everything in my power to attempt to get you the best result possible and that requires not only me it requires you working with me.

If you've been injured, you have an important decision to make regarding which lawyer you hire. When I switched to you everything was less stressful, you handled it, you took a lot of pressure off of me when I had a lot of pressure. My life fell apart in that car accident and it changed my life and you and your firm or your staff here, Peggy. Above and beyond my expectations which I can't believe I was so impressed. I appreciate you saying that - I recommend people not to go out and get in a car accident but in the event something like that happens to you like what happened to me. You're the guy to be on my team. Stay tuned because you will be provided with important information on what to do if you're a victim and you were injured and it wasn't your fault. Rodney why don't we talk a little bit about what happened to you. Okay. It was like a nice day I was riding my motorcycle and a truck went through an intersection and hit me. I went to another lawyer and they weren’t exactly up to par with personal injury so they referred me to you Jed. Now Rodney a difference for people out there if you're getting information from this this television show the important issue here is that Rodney was in a motorcycle accident. When you're in a motorcycle accident there's no guarantee to get your medical bills paid.

In a car accident you've got New York State No-Fault coverage, which is like your own little medical policy it's attached to your car. So if you're in a car accident doesn't cost anything there's no referral fee to get your medical bills paid, you don't have to any out-of-pocket expenses for co-pays or anything like that, in a car accident. Rodney was in a motorcycle collision. In a motorcycle case you don't have that security of getting your bills paid and that's your medical bills and your lost wages. Was someone negligent or reckless around you which caused you to be injured? If so you need to stay tuned, get a pen and a piece of paper and write down this important information. You will hear actual stories of true clients who were not paid for their testimony today, allowing you to appreciate what differentiates my firm from the other law firms who handle personal injury cases. And that's the reason to call my office because we will handle all the interactions between you being the victim and the insurance company. You don't need to deal with the insurance companies at all we will fill out the forms for you. When you're in an accident there are very strict time deadlines and if you miss one of those time deadlines you may be precluded, you may be stopped from getting benefits down the road.

The other thing is there are three things that need to be done after any accident number one you need to file a report so if it's a car accident or a motorcycle accident you got to get a police report, number two you got to get medical care and number three you got to call my office so that we can deal with the insurance companies for you and your rights can be preserved. Stay tuned because you will be provided with important information on what to do if you're a victim and you were injured and it wasn't your fault. I really didn't know where to go. So I went to one of the big law firms and I just felt like I was getting the runaround I never really talked to a real lawyer it was always paralegal or secretary and that's when I met you. And when I met you I felt comfortable that you would return my calls right away if I had any questions or concerns you were always available for me to talk to. Through the whole time even though it took years to solve my case you were there for me all through the years, supportive.

When I was down I could call you and talk to you and you reassured me that you were there to help me instead of just being there to like make money you were there as a friend and you helped me a lot and I felt very comfortable with you and that's why I referred you so many people. It's just a constant reminder that every day my whole life completely changed because of these car accidents I'm not the same person. I just want to feel good again and I know that's never going to happen. And that's really important for people out there and again it might be a good opportunity to write down our phone number it's 716-839-3939 because we're available 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you call my office you can be patched directly through to my cell phone I have that option in terms of technology and I want everyone out there to know we're there for you during the case and even after the case If you've been injured you have an important decision to make regarding which lawyer you hire. In New York State it doesn't cost any more to hire a lawyer with a great track record the attorneys fee is set by law.

Therefore, hire the best lawyer for your injury case. Contact me at 716-839-3939. We've got a special guest here today for anyone who's seen my previous shows Terri Blackey was with us for our last show and she's here to tell us and give us an update on how she's doing now. How’re you doing Terry? Doing fabulous. Thank you. So you started your own business? Yes I did I used the proceeds from that you know from the accident, it’s the good thing that came out of it. I'm up to - I just hired my fourth employee. Do you know some of your clients track me down on Facebook or your potential clients? No I didn't know that. Yeah, because they have my name from you and it's on Facebook there have been three people and they say “please friend me I want to see Jed Dietrich, how was it?” so I friend them and then we ended up actually talking.

I remember one time I was talking to a friend in Penny's and someone was coming by “Was that true was that really true?” I mean I'm like yeah he asked me to do him a favor I told him because he took such good care of me he was so personable and then when they get back to me they say “he was just like you said he was, he talked to me I actually met him the first day I went in I wasn't expecting to meet him,” I’m like that's Jed, I mean it wasn't a script it wasn't rehearsed this was just what happened I said was an easy story to tell I mean it was just perfect in every way I have a huge family and we have family reunions and this is where it comes up especially when they come out of town and they happen to catch the infomercial and we sit down and we talk about how it is when you go in and nobody has ever said they've ever seen the lawyer that made the commercial. They always end up seeing someone else you know they go there one or two times and they don't see the lawyer and I won't mention the name of the firm but she said the only time she saw that lawyer because they took it all the way to court was like 15 minutes before they walked into the courtroom.

She had never ever ever met this man before and she really didn't feel comfortable about it because how can he speak for me when he was just like reading the notes real quick it wasn't even a lot of eye contact while you know the 15 minutes before they went in. He was just going over the notes from the other people she saw I don't know if they were clerks or paralegals I don't know who it was that she saw but she says she did not see the lawyer until it's actually time to walk in the courtroom and I can't imagine that. It's important for people out there to understand this. You call my office 716-839-3939, we do not charge you anything for that phone call. If I believe you have a claim that needs to be investigated you come to my office or I come to you for free I will come to you in the hospital I will come to you at your home and what I will do is explain to you what the legal issues are and explain to you what needs to be done to preserve your rights and then I will do that for you such that we can get you the proper result. Your insurance company was like any other insurance company they want to fight you and you need somebody to fight them on your behalf and we don't we don't charge you any extra to fight your No-Fault insurance company in addition to fighting the Liability insurance company for the person who struck to you.

So you've got two insurance companies fighting you. It was just a hassle it was one big hassle I could have never ever done in my own and I think they do that on purpose I think they just want you to throw up your hands and say forget about it. They do, what they do is they give you a hassle to try to discourage you from getting treatment which leads to you not getting better and it leads to them paying less money out on your claim. The longer it goes before you get medical treatment the harder it is to link up the causation of your injuries to the car accident. So, after a car accident after a slip and fall after any type of an injury to you where it's not your fault somebody else causes your injuries you need to do three things. Number one if it's car accident get a police report you have to get the police report, number two if you slip and fall at a grocery store or a department store you've got to file an incident report and talk to the manager and you got to get pictures whip out your cell phone get some pictures and then we've got experts who can go out after the fact get further pictures get to mentions and then that dovetails in with the investigation of a lighter impact car collision.

You're hit from behind you get propelled forward the seatbelt holds you in which means your neck comes forward, your body stays in all the force goes through your neck of how the collision occurs and a lot of times these cars don't show a lot of damage what we do is we have experts biomechanical experts and investigators who can go out and look for the damage underneath the car. They can look for the crush damage and what they can do is tell us what the forces were involved such to cause your injuries. I was just saved that's why I'm here anytime you need me. What we provide is personal attention for your personal injury we get to know our clients it allows us to present your case in a way that maximizes our ability to help you. True, very true, it happened I'm living proof. Thank you so much Terri a pleasure to see you again. Yeah. Take care. [Music]

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