Dietrich Law Firm PC Fisher Price Facing Multiple Lawsuits Over Rock 'N Play Sleeper

After the tragic death of this Kenmore baby, the family's lawyer is now speaking out in an effort to warn other parents about the possible danger of a Fisher Price sleeper. The parents of James Weigand filed a lawsuit against Fisher Price in connection with the death of their sixth month old boy. The suit claims that the Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper was a death trap by design. It holds babies at a thirty-degree angle instead of laying them flat down like recommended by doctors.

This was a case of Fisher Price putting their profits above the safety of the consumers that were purchasing this product. Fisher Price marketed this Rock ‘N Play sleeper as an overnight sleeper for infants to sleep in a comfy position. "Comfy position" being defined as an incline of approximately thirty degrees. Again, this is against the American Academy of Pediatrics regulation or warning to have the infants sleep on their backs on a flat surface.

Now this lawsuit is only the beginning of a legal trouble now mounting against Fisher Price and its Rock ‘N Play Sleeper. Our ITeam chief investigator, Charlie Specht, here now with more on the story tonight.

That’s right, Keith. Well, this new lawsuit is the first to be filed against Fisher Price by a local family in state court. There are in fact two other lawsuits making their way through the federal courthouse right here in Buffalo regarding this controversial Rock ‘N Play Sleeper. Now these lawsuits are class action complaints and they focus on what lawyers are calling, “the evils of production and manufacturing of the baby sleeper.” Specifically, they point to that thirty-degree angle in the product which they say allows babies to suffocate if they turn onto their sides or stomachs. The lawsuits state this is all happening because Fisher Price put out “dangerously false and misleading advertising” that they say made parents believe their babies would be safe sleeping in that rocker overnight, even though some pediatricians had previously warned against it. Now, Fisher Price has recalled this product, but lawyers say it is too late for thirty-two babies who have died and the seven hundred more who have been injured. The lawsuits are being filed here in federal court because Fisher Price is based in East Aurora. For the ITeam, Charlie Specht, 7 Eyewitness News.

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