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Slip And Fall AccidentsSlip and fall accidents are a serious threat to all regardless of age. Many people suffer tremendous medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering from these accidents. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, nearly 25% of slip and fall accidents lead to 31, or more, days away from work. While slip and fall accidents do not discriminate, older individuals are more likely to suffer serious injuries from Amherst, New York slip and fall accidents. The institute also reports that slip and fall accidents cause 87% of annual bone fractures in adults over the age of 65.

Amherst, New York, as the largest town in Western New York, is a regular site for slip and fall accidents. The town is home to over 120,000 people and four colleges and universities. The sheer number of people permanently in the town and traveling there for leisure or school contributes to the commonplace slip and fall accidents. The town of Amherst encompasses 53.6 square miles, which leaves room for a large number of commercial and retail developments. These developments draw in more traffic and create more areas for slip and fall accidents to occur.

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Common Causes of Amherst, New York Slip and Fall Accidents

Most slip and fall accidents occur due to a common set of circumstances. Many of these accidents can be easily prevented, but landowners may not be vigilant in maintaining their property. The following conditions cause slip and fall accidents in Amherst, New York most frequently:

  1. Improperly Finished or Neglected Floors: The floors’ conditions are the most common causes of slip and fall injuries. For example, uneven floors, improperly marked wet floors, lack of non-skid floor treads, and worn carpeting can cause severe injury.
  2. Environmental and Weather Conditions: Western New York is subject to a variety of severe weather, especially during the winter. Unsalted icy parking lots and walkways often result in falls, causing severe injuries for many. Other environmental hazards that can impede walkways during and after storms include debris, trash, or loose wires on walkways.
  3. Unsafe Ladders and Stairs: Stairs and ladders can lead to more serious injuries as these falls are often longer and involve impact with multiple surfaces across the body. Stairways with no handrails and unsecured ladders can make stairs and ladders even more unsafe, increasing the likelihood of injury.

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Where can I Receive Medical Care Following an Amherst, New York Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip And Fall Accident - Urgent CareSlip and fall accidents regularly cause injuries that require immediate medical treatment. Examples of these injuries include broken bones, head trauma, and spinal cord damage. The following medical centers regularly receive patients involved in Amherst, New York slip and fall accidents:

  1. Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital: The hospital is noted for its specialties in cardiology, neurosurgery, and orthopedic surgery. These specialties help to treat the severe injuries experienced in Amherst, New York slip and fall accidents.
  2. MASH Urgent Care: MASH Urgent Care’s Amherst, New York facility is centrally located on Sheridan Road. The staff has the experience and equipment to provide on-site X-Rays and treatment for cuts and lacerations.
  3. Western New York Immediate Care - Amherst: This urgent care center can treat minor burns, fractures, strains, sprains, cuts, and lacerations. This location serves a different area of Amherst, which is close to the University at Buffalo North Campus.

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