When is Revision Required?

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Hernia Repair Surgery Require Revision

Depending on the severity, size and type of a hernia, as well as the corrective surgical technique and type of mesh implanted, the recurrence rate of hernias is between 1 to 30 percent. Patients who develop recurrences or other serious complications after a hernia repair surgery may be forced to endure additional operations to remove defective mesh implants and repair damage to vital organs and/or tissues. These corrective surgeries, also called revision surgeries, are often far more complex and invasive than the initial surgery. To make matters worse, revision surgery may not even resolve all of the side effects or underlying issues. If you are like millions of hernia patients who have had their hernias repaired with certain mesh implants, you may be experiencing complications. Some severe complications and/or related injuries include:

  1. Abscesses;
  2. Acute infection;
  3. Adhesions;
  4. Chronic pain;
  5. Foreign body reactions or implant rejects;
  6. Severe allergic reactions;
  7. Contractions or shrinkage of the mesh;
  8. Erosion or migration of the implant;
  9. Blockages or obstruction of the small and/or large intestines;
  10. Organ damage or perforation;
  11. Fistulae;
  12. Rejection of the mesh implant; and
  13. Reoccurrence of a hernia.

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Hernia Mesh Rejections And Recalls

After any operation, patients can expect to undergo some pain and discomfort. However, if the pain persists or worsens, your body may be rejecting the hernia mesh. Some common signs of mesh implant rejection include:

  1. Nausea and vomiting;
  2. Extreme fatigue;
  3. Loss of consciousness or fainting;
  4. Debilitating abdominal pain;
  5. Flu-like symptoms;
  6. Renal failure;
  7. Fever and chills; and
  8. Inflammation and redness around the incision site.

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recalls typically occur when there is a probable risk that using defective mesh products will cause severe or even fatal health consequences. Many complications related to implants have been linked to recalled mesh products no longer in use. According to the FDA, recalled implants were the main cause of complications such as obstructions and bowel perforations. Some reasons that the FDA has recalled hernia mesh products are as follows:

  1. Design defects in mesh products;
  2. Manufacturer defects in implants;
  3. Hernia mesh being manufactured from counterfeit materials; and
  4. Mislabeling of mesh implant packaging.

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Who Is Eligible For Hernia Mesh Revision Surgery? Eligible For Hernia Mesh Revision Surgery

In most cases, to be eligible for revision surgery, the patient must have been told they need the surgery to remove hernia mesh, replace the implant or repair any damage to surrounding tissue or organs. For those patients who have had the FDA or manufacturer recall their surgical hernia mesh implant, it is crucial to contact your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will take X-rays and run tests to better understand what is causing your complications, ascertain the condition of the mesh and determine if the implant is the issue. Your surgeon will recommend removing the mesh if necessary and whether or not a different mesh should be implanted in its place. Prompt treatment will help to mitigate any injuries caused by a defective implant. Eligibility for a hernia mesh revision operation depends on several factors, including:

  1. The severity of pain and how well prescription medication alleviates that pain;
  2. Whether or not you have an infection, particularly infections that are antibiotic-resistant;
  3. The presence of any recurring hernias;
  4. The overall condition of the mesh, especially if the implant has migrated, eroded or adhered to any tissue or organs;
  5. Whether the mesh has punctured or perforated other organs; and
  6. Whether or not the mesh implant has been recalled by the manufacturer or FDA.

Even in cases where none of the above factors are present, patients may still be eligible for revision surgery. For those suffering relatively minor complications, choosing whether or not to undergo hernia mesh revision surgery is a tough decision and one that should only be made after consulting with your doctor. Your surgeon will thoroughly analyze the benefits and risks, so that you can make a knowledgeable decision.



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