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Do I Have a Zantac Injury Claim?

Question marks If you have been diagnosed with or developed cancer after taking Zantac or other medicines containing ranitidine, you are probably wondering if you have a valid injury claim. We put together this useful guide to help determine if you may be eligible for compensation. If you are unsure of whether you may have a claim, it is best to contact the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. today at 716-839-3939 for more information. Our team has extensive experience with product liability claims and can quickly and accurately determine if you may have a claim for compensation.



Step 1: Confirm That You Used Zantac

The first step in determining if you have a Zantac related injury claim is to verify that you did in fact use the medication. If you took a prescription form of Zantac, this can effortlessly be established by obtaining a copy of your pharmacy records. If you were taking over-the-counter (OTC) Zantac, you can prove use through receipts, remarks in your medical records, statements from others or additional corroborating evidence.

Step 2: Verify That You Regularly Took Zantac for a Substantial Period of Time

Step 2 contains many different variables like how often you were using Zantac and the dosage you were taking. In injury claims relating to medications, requirements tend to change as further studies are conducted and the science behind it advances. Thus, as studies regarding the correlation between ranitidine and the contaminant NDMA, as well as NDMA’s relationship to cancer, are more fully understood, the “substantial period of time” threshold could be increased or decreased. As of now, you will be expected to establish that you were taking Zantac regularly (just about every day) for at least 60 days in order to have a viable claim.

Step 3: Confirm Your Zantac-Related Diagnosis

In order to bring a feasible injury claim, you must demonstrate that you actually suffered an injury that can be attributed to taking Zantac. While the NDMA contamination found in Zantac is believed to cause cancer, every type of cancer is different, and all cancers cannot be directly attributable to taking the drug. For instance, it might be difficult for a long-time smoker to connect lung cancer to Zantac use.

At this point, it is not yet totally clear which types of cancer can be definitively associated with taking Zantac, because studies are still in the early stages. Nevertheless, you may have a viable claim if you can demonstrate a diagnosis of cancer of the digestive tract (such as liver, pancreatic, stomach, esophageal, small intestine, colorectal, pancreatic or bladder) or a blood cancer (such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukemia or multiple myeloma).

If you were diagnosed with cancer and have a history of using Zantac or other ranitidine medications, talk with your doctor about the possibility of a causal relationship.

Step 4: Consider The Latency Period

It would be impossible to find a correlation of being diagnosed with cancer to taking one dose of Zantac a day prior to diagnosis. After being exposed to a carcinogen, cancer does not instantly appear, but instead it develops gradually over time. There is a latency period from the time you initially began taking Zantac to when you originally developed cancer. As of now, you should be able to show that at least one year passed between the time you first took Zantac and the time you developed cancer. Please note, because even short-term exposure to NDMA can result in liver damage, confirming a latency period is not required for liver related injuries.

Step 5: Remember The Statute of Limitations

In New York State, there are strict time constraints that limit an individual’s ability to file a lawsuit and seek monetary damages for their injuries. If you fail to file a claim within the applicable time, you lose your right to do so. Contact Buffalo, New York Zantac cancer injury attorney, Jed Dietrich, Esq., today at 716-839-3939 to ensure that your rights are preserved.

New York State’s statute of limitations for products liability lawsuits, such as Zantac and other pharmaceutical companies that manufactured ranitidine, is three years from the date of the injury. This means that if you were diagnosed with cancer or other illnesses caused by Zantac, you only have three years from the date you were diagnosed to file a claim.

In addition, New York State has an even shorter statute of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits. This time period is only two years from the date of death.

In either case, it is important to act fast and contact an experienced Buffalo, New York personal injury attorney for the help that you need.

Step 6: Contact Jed Dietrich, Esq.

After going through this checklist and determining that taking Zantac is linked to your cancer diagnosis or other injuries, you should consult with a Zantac injury claim attorney in Buffalo, New York as soon as possible to get some sound legal advice.

If you are unsure if you may have a claim, or if you do not think your injury qualifies, contact Jed Dietrich, Esq. today at 716-839-3939 for your free consultation. Spending a short time discussing your claim with the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. team can ensure that your rights are protected.

Our team of top rated Zantac cancer and illness injury lawyers in Buffalo, New York possess the experience and knowledge required to methodically investigate your Zantac related cancer or illness, and ensure that you are in a position to receive the highest possible recovery for your injuries. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. will treat you with respect and compassion, and we are here to help you through this difficult time. Contact us today at 716-839-3939. We can be reached 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Call the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. immediately at 716-839-3939 so that our aggressive, tenacious and hardworking personal injury lawyers can fight to obtain the best result for your personal injury claim in Buffalo, New York. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there is never a fee until we WIN for you!

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